Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas Episode 5



There’s so much from this episode you could talk about but I guess overall Chain Chronicle continues to be exactly what it claims to be. Sword and sorcery adventure. Watch the hero recruiting allies, forced to face his inner darkness and being betrayed. It does it well enough but there’s still nothing overly unique about this story. It’s just fun to watch if you are into fantasy.

A few points from the episode:

Firstly, Furball is adorable and the fact that he reveals he has teeth at the end of the episode is just hilarious. He is fast on track to become my favourite pet or mascot from this season of anime (poor Kuro from Blue Exorcist).

Secondly, why try to fight skeletons with swords when they don’t work anyway and you are carrying around a group of magic users who seem perfectly capable of taking them out on their own with fairly explosive results (just watch out for the avalanche afterwards).


Thirdly, why is it that in fantasy characters can get away with dramatic speeches and monologues about the nature of heroism, light, hope and darkness and they don’t just sound ridiculous. Seriously, in any other setting these exchanges would be eye-rollingly stupid and yet put the characters in a fantasy setting and it just seems right.


Finally, did anyone expect a different response from this guy? And how dumb is he to think that this is a good plan.


In case you couldn’t tell, I actually loved this episode. Its everything a good fantasy should be and nothing more or less.

Chain Chronicle is available on Crunchyroll.

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