Cells at Work Episode 6: The Cute Before The Storm

Cells at Work Episode 6

The first half of this episode is an adorable walk down memory lane for Red Blood Cell. Then the episode takes a turn for the darker leaving us on a To Be Continued note that suggests next week is going to be pretty intense. Cells at Work remains consistently aware of its role as both entertainment and education.

Cells at Work Episode 6 - Red Blood Cells at school

With the weak premise that Red Blood Cell is lost again, this week we get a look at the bone marrow where the red and white blood cells ‘grow up’. Through a flash back and reminiscence, we see that Red Blood Cell has always been pretty directionally challenged, and also always been a magnet for whatever weird thing is about to happen. Still, this sequence is adorable, introduces us to young White Blood Cell who is equally cute, and generally does a reasonable job of explaining the process by which cells are differentiated and how blood cells age (I notice they are still avoiding any mention of short life expectancy for our characters which would probably kill the cute buzz).

Cells at Work - Episode 6

This slice of life aspect early in the episode is adorable and well handled. Transitions between past and present are reasonably well handled and even though it is extraordinarily coincidental that the white and red blood cell keep bumping into each other, given the concept of the story it is nice that we have these consistent characters to look forward to.

Then we turn into the second part of the episode when Red has left the White Blood Cell and he encounters a weird cell attacking another one. Soon Killer T Cell and a new cell, NK (Natural Killer), show up. We’re heading into a cancer storyline and the tone radically shifts until the final scene this week which is probably as dark as this show has gotten before it leaves us waiting for next week. It makes sense given cancer isn’t exactly something you can approach with the level of levity of allergies without risking putting your audience off, but I’m curious as to how they handle the sequence next week and whether they play it seriously or whether they find a way to bring the usual energy and enthusiasm into the mix.


By the way, the only platelet action was when they lent Killer T cell a bucket and they weren’t foregrounded so not much of a screen shot. Still, young red and white blood cells really filled the gap this week.

Cells at Work - Episode 6

I quite enjoyed this episode even though by itself it doesn’t appear like much happened. I enjoyed the character moments of the first half, the cuteness of the characters, and the tonal shift at the end was well executed. Really looking forward to next week.

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16 thoughts on “Cells at Work Episode 6: The Cute Before The Storm

  1. I know I shouldn’t take it so seriously, but it does grate on me when anime characters fail to recognise someone from their past that have a distinct look that is practically impossible not to recognise, like the White Cell with his floppy haircut and baseball cap. I mean, come on!!! >:(

    Okay rant over, I am keen to see how they handle the arrival of cancer with any sensitivity and seriousness without losing any of the show’s integrity and charm.

    1. I find it weirder when characters do recognise someone they haven’t seen for years. Then again, I’m generally pretty horrible at identifying or describing people so I usually need to hear someone speak or introduce their job or title before it clicks that I know who they are. So Red not recognising White kind of worked for me.
      Though, it seems like most of us are looking forward to seeing how the show handles cancer.

      1. I’m terrible with names and faces too until after the 10th meeting, but if it was something as significant as saving my life, I think I’d remember them easily enough! šŸ˜›

    1. I’ll agree. That focus on the red and white blood cells (even the younger versions) was much more appealing, and then the introduction of the new conflict at the end actually made me really interested in what is coming next.

  2. This episode went from 0 to 1000 instantly. I don’t know why they decided from heart-melting cuteness to cancer. However, I hope white blood cell pulls out a ridiculous shounen super move in the next episode.

  3. I was really surprised to be honest that they are taking this show into, what I assume anyway, to be a pretty dark road. Like you Iā€™m interested in seeing how they are going to approach this. All in all though this series is still very enjoyable to watch and certainly one of the highlights of this season šŸ˜Š

    1. Such an unexpected show to grab my interest the way this has. It isn’t jut that I’m finding the season slow. I think this show would hold its own in most seasons because it is just interesting.

      1. I completely agree. In fact next to Attack on titan, which could not be more different, this is certainly the best anime to watch. And you are right, no matter which season this would air on, it would totally hold it’s own agains anything else šŸ˜Š

        1. Yes Attack on Titan has come back really strong and while there is still that little note of caution reminding me that it doesn’t have a great history of being consistent for an entire season, these first episodes of season three have definitely raised my hopes and expectations.

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