Cells at Work Episode 3: The Zombie Horde of Flu-Ridden Cells


Episode 3 of Cells at Work definitely leaned more heavily onto the educational side of edutainment this week with a lot of explanations. However, was it still fun?


I can’t help but think it has been the red blood cell and platelets that have sold the first two episodes of this show to me. And I came to this conclusion given this episode the red blood cell shows up very sparingly on the peripheral of anything and the platelets don’t appear until the very end and I found myself kind of bored at times. It isn’t that the white blood cell, the macrophage and the naive T cell aren’t trying their hardest to be interesting, but without the cute factor a lot of the magic I found in the first two episodes just kind of dissipated.


That isn’t to say that the zombie hordes were boring and if you like the more action oriented part of this story the killer T cells have got you covered this week with an all out brawl set to dominate a large part of the episode. However, the naive T cell wasn’t anywhere near as charming as little red has been, and his plight as a wimpy junior didn’t really inspire making his ultimate transformation fairly hollow and then of course his personality became just like all the other killer cells and not exactly charming.


This is not a bad episode by any means as it does exactly what the previous two have done. It introduces a cell in the body, a problem to be solved, and then it goes about explaining how the different cells work together to solve it. However, personally I felt this was the weakest of the first three episodes and the one that I found to be the least engaging. Here’s hoping food poisoning next week will strike gold (and how many times do people get to look forward to food poisoning).

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22 thoughts on “Cells at Work Episode 3: The Zombie Horde of Flu-Ridden Cells

  1. I guess I am in the minority as I enjoyed this episode. :-/

    I didn’t mind the focus being on someone else other than Miss Red, which stops this from being a one note show (although I was waiting for her to show up like everyone else). I did enjoy the naive T cell turning into a hulking brute! 🙂

    That said, I didn’t like how they teased the A Influenza bug at the end then announced a fresh new story for next week. Seemed like a missed opportunity to build the show further with an extended story line.

    1. This one does seem like it is going to be strictly episodic, though maybe we’ll get a story that goes over more than one episode later in the season.

      1. Sure! Some series do this while others stick to the “villain of the week” formula. It just felt like a cruel cliffhanger to end on if they don’t follow up on it.

  2. I thought for a second there it would be more of a story arch with the germ coming back all mutated and such. I think I would have liked to maybe see that but yeah. I liked the interactions of the white and red blood cell and I missed it a bit.

    1. I know. It is hard when I realised that this episode isn’t any worse than the others but I liked it less. It really made it clear what I had enjoyed in the previous two episodes.

  3. haha…exactly…Looking forward to food poisoning lol. Something like that can only happen in anime. I agree though, this was the weakest of the three episodes. It will be interesting to see if they are going to come up with something different in terms of story or if this will just be a “ disease of the week” type of deal 😊

    1. Disease of the week will work well enough if they manage to capture the fun of eps one and two. If they become a bit more like this one, while that’s nice enough and I’ll finish it, I probably won’t be rewatching this series.

    1. That would definitely be a dark turn. I don’t remember who’s blog I was on, but I wondered if they were going to raise the short life cycle of a blood cell at any point and then I just felt sad that a lot of the characters we loved wouldn’t make it a whole anime season.

  4. I’m with you on this one. I did like this episode but without Red it fell kinda flat. This episode served mainly to usher in more characters after the world had already been established in the first 2 episodes, and I imagine this cycle will continue as the series progresses. I prefer no to watch the episode previews at the end, but hopefully it showcased more Red than this episode did. 🙂

    1. It looks like we’ll get more Red but I kind of don’t pay too much attention to the preview either because a lot of anime give too much away.

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