Cells at Work Episode 2: The Adventures of a Directionally Challenged Red-Blood Cell Continue


While this episode did nothing to alleviate my worry that perhaps the subject matter here isn’t going to entertain for an entire season, it was a pretty solid follow up with some laughs, some action, and some truly adorable platelets.


As the second episode of this odd little show rolls around I really have to smile at just how much love and energy has gone into transforming a gimmicky concept of anthropomorphic blood cells into something that is genuinely entertaining to watch and filled with so many moments that just hit their mark. Whether it is the ditzy red-blood cell getting lost again, the excessive caution and cuteness of the platelets, the white blood cells’ extreme violence against germs, or even the explosive rupture of the scrape in this second episode, every part of this has been well crafted to suit the intended purpose.


The anime remained true to its set up in the first episode and we follow AE3803 (the red-blood cell) on another delivery. As she is guided by her senpai we learn about the cells and different areas that they encounter. Perhaps one complaint might be the sheer amount of text on the screen at a few points given we get an explanation in written form and then they put subtitles on the narration which is more or less telling us the exact same thing. However, this show doesn’t forget it is meant to be entertaining and once the abrasion appears and the action kicks in while the show doesn’t abandon a pretence of being educational, it certainly makes sure people don’t walk away bored.


With an OP and ED that are also spot on for the subject matter and its striking colour scheme, Cells at Work is definitely one of the stand out anime this season. Again, not entirely convinced it is a concept that can work for a whole season but I’m certainly on board to find out at this point.

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17 thoughts on “Cells at Work Episode 2: The Adventures of a Directionally Challenged Red-Blood Cell Continue

  1. I think what might give this show some sustainability is the fact it is educational as well as entertaining, so if the writers are smart enough they should be able to fashion a decent story for each of the various maladies and attacks on the body, despite the potential one note joke concept.

    But it’s early days as we have established so let’s not get too ahead of ourselves about this show. πŸ™‚

    1. Oh yes. Plenty of time for things to go awry, or to be brilliant. I really do hope this show manages to maintain the quality of these first couple of episodes though. It has been quite fun.

  2. I saw your post come up for this, so I immediately went to chrunchyroll to check out this second episode and I have to say that I really like this show, but like you I am a bit worried if they can keep this entertaining for an entire season. Those platelets though are simply beyond cute.
    I also keep thinking now what is going on inside my body when I watch this anime, but maybe that is just me lol. Never though that a scrape wound could provide so much entertainment. Let’s see what next week’s episode of Influenza will bring to the table 😊

    1. Given the rocket launch in episode one for a sneeze, I think influenza could be fun (and that may be the first time I’ve ever said that). We’ll see what they do.

      1. Haha…having just had a very annoying flu bug a couple of days ago, I am even looking forward to seeing that episode..also something I did not think I would ever say lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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