Cells At Work Episode 14 Review

Cells at Work Episode 14

Another episode of Cells at Work came out and if you were just craving more relaxing, slightly amusing and slightly educational entertainment, then this episode is going to hit the spot. It is however short on platelet and red blood cell sightings so if that’s your main reason for enjoying Cells at Work you might feel a bit let down.

Cells at Work Episode 14

Still, this episode focuses in on an ordinary cell that is going about it’s usual day of cloning itself and generally feeling the drag of repeating the same task every day. Then he meets another cell that is wearing quite a distinctive hat. For the audience it is clear where this is going and yet there’s something still genuinely amusing about the interactions between the two as they prank the immune cells – and this also leads to really the only interaction we get with the Red Blood Cell and Platelets so I guess we should be happy that they take advantage of her general cluelessness.

Cells at Work Episode 14

As usual, once the episode gets rolling and we’ve met our characters the shoe drops and we have our problem to solve. I don’t think this one was as violent or as bloody as some encounters have been and the focus on the Killer T Cells who seem more interesting in beating the cells up rather than defeating them is potentially the reason for it, but it all works well enough.

Cells at Work Episode 14

Then, of course, we get our feel good ending and a final Red Blood Cell sighting.

If this had aired with the rest of the series it would be a pretty average episode. As a stand alone it works well enough and you aren’t really required to know anything going in because all the cells are introduced within the episode. That said, it isn’t terribly exciting as a stand alone. It works. It isn’t as cute or thrilling as some. And then it is over.

Worth watching if you loved the series or maybe as an introduction but not a necessary add on.

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4 thoughts on “Cells At Work Episode 14 Review

  1. I was missing Red at first but I liked that she made cameos true to her nature, especially at the end.

    I don’t mind if they explore other character since this is about the entire human body, plus it gave White something to do other than saving Red so overall, a nice bit of fun for me! 🙂

    1. It was a bit of silly fun. I think the killer T cells were my least favourite characters in the series so I wasn’t a huge fan of their amount of screen time. Still, I enjoyed this well enough for a bit of fun.

  2. Yeah I was disappointed by this episode for the same reasons you mentioned. That said. I’d kind of love if we kept getting one new episode every 3 months or so, that’d be a nice rate at which to keep revisiting this show. But yes, more Platelet’s please!

    1. I agree with you about getting a new episode every couple of months. With its episodic nature it isn’t as though it leaves you waiting for another, but revisiting these characters is just kind of fun.

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