Cells at Work Episode 11: This Episode is Hot

Cells at Work Episode 11

Things are getting hot this week in Cells at Work as the body face dehydration and heat stroke. However, in amongst all the sweaty red blood cells and adorable platelets, how was the actual episode?

Cells at Work episode 11

I really loved this episode. It is definitely returning to the straight formula of setting up a specific issue for the episode and explaining the different steps the system takes to deal with it, but this time, much like with the pollen allergy, the body failed to overcome the issue without external help. I think it really helps the plausibility of the setting to know that sometimes the body just can’t cope with the issue on its own despite all the cells doing their jobs and working hard.

Cells at Work Episode 11

The characters this week were quite fun even if the platelets and red blood cells spent most of the time sweating and mentioning how hot it is. I also liked the cracked and barren landscape of the epidermis to represent the dehydration that was occurring because of the temperature.

Cells at Work Episode 11 - Platelets

Once again, I feel this episode really found a great balance between entertainment and education. It most definitely is walking you through the steps your body takes to regulate temperature but the cast really bring it to life and make it seem kind of fun. Plus the side story with the white blood cell fighting a germ despite the extreme conditions kept things lively and moving along. Really enjoyable watch this week.

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9 thoughts on “Cells at Work Episode 11: This Episode is Hot

  1. I agree! Great episode! My favorite part is when the sweat commander just starts rain dancing lol. When the chips are down and one has exhausted all options and there is NOTHING that having an internal locus of control can do to benefit the situation… why not rain dance? YOU NEVER KNOW.

    1. This show definitely keeps making me feel bad for what I’ve done to myself over the years. I wonder if I have some cells dancing around and imploring me to take better care of myself.

  2. I just finished watching this episode, and I totally agree. It was a lot of fun, the landscapes especially I thought were a nice touch. And I thought that we really were going to lose white blood cell this time. All in all one of the better episodes. It’s strange to think that there are only two more episodes left now. Will miss this anime😢

    1. I felt really bad for White Blood Cell at times this week. I will admit, part of the fun of the landscape was just thinking how similar that looked to so much of the country side in Australia at the moment with the ongoing drought. Hopefully we’ll also get some rain relief soon.

      1. Yeah although I think your country is absolutely amazing, I don’t think I could ever get used to the heat. I like the cold much better, at least I can turn up the warmth or put on some extra clothes for that 😊I really do hope you will get some rain relief soon, that’s for sure 😊
        And yes, White Blood Cell really got the worst of it this week 😊

        1. As a Queenslander through and through, I absolutely hate being cold. That said, while I like heat it would be nice if it came with Summer rains for a change. It’s been seven years since there was decent rain where I live and at that time it was flooding (so while I’d rather avoid another flood some actual rain would be nice).

          1. Wow, that really is an awfully long time. Seven years. I can’t even imagine something like that. We just had a very hot weather period ourselves, and it didn’t rain for about 6 weeks. I thought that was very long…but it’s nothing compared to what you are describing 😊
            While I don’t like the cold, I have always preffered the fall/winter season over spring/summer. But..well, that’s probably just me lol 😂

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