Cells at Work Episode 10: Back To Formula

Cells at Work - Episode 10 - Red Blood Cell

For an episode that was largely a copy of an earlier crisis, Cells at Work still managed to bring its A Game, give us a enough new information that it didn’t feel like a waste, and it was just great fun.

Cells at Work - Episode 10 - Platelets

Well I admitted last week that I like Cells at Work the most when it is being cute and focusing on Red Blood Cell and this week certainly did that. While the monster of the week is almost a rehash, we do get a minor variation and a slightly different conclusion so there’s enough fun with the plot, but mostly it was just great fun watching Red go about her daily business and continue to be a magnet for every germ and invader in the body. The many platelet sequences this week also added to the cute factor and it was all just fun.


That said, I think we’re finally at the point in the season where the novelty of anthropomorphised blood cells has slightly worn thin and the repetition in the story-line is pretty established. While I’m still enjoying this show I’m actually fairly glad to know that there’s only three more episodes because I’m not sure how much longer they can stretch this concept. Still, it lasted a lot longer than I expected after the first episode and I do not regret a single moment of watching Red and White going about their business and running into platelets.

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6 thoughts on “Cells at Work Episode 10: Back To Formula

  1. I agree with what you wrote. It’s still a fun series to watch. But the concept really is stretching thin now. I think I said this before but I am also quite curious to see how this anime will end. But with only three more episodes to go, I guess we will find out soon enough 😊

    1. Episode 11 is kind of fun and my review will be out later this evening. I still think that if I take out the only okay episodes, this show probably would have worked better as a 6 or 8 episode story because I think they are just stretching a little bit to get to a whole season of quality viewing.

      1. Cool, I hope to see that episode today, so that seems like it will be perfect timing 😊
        True enough…but then again, there is something about this series that just keeps you coming back for more. It’s the entire concept that is just a lot of fun 😊

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