Cells at Work Episode 1: The Adorable Edutainment Entry


I can’t help but wonder how you make a whole series out of this concept, but this first episode of Cells at Work was both pretty literal and adorable.


When I first saw the trailer for this anime, I really thought this would be a short form anime, so I was quite surprised when I found out that the episodes of this are 23 minutes long. That said, this first episode didn’t feel stretched or bloated as we followed around our Red Blood Cell as she gets herself lost trying to make a delivery and then ends up attacked by a germ.


There’s something gloriously B Grade about the performances with both the white and red blood cell being gloriously naive and yet totally cute (I guess, if you can call the white blood cell cute after he dices a germ and gets covered in its blood) and the germ as the villain is very much Saturday morning cartoon over the top, as it would need to be to sell this particular concept.


Whether or not they can manage to keep the cute dynamic and general up-beat tone for a season I do not know, but I do know I had a lot of fun with this first episode.

Your thoughts?

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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36 thoughts on “Cells at Work Episode 1: The Adorable Edutainment Entry

  1. Finished the first episode today, and was pleasantly surprise I actually liked it. Aside from your post, I’ve seen nothing about this anime before I saw down to watch the first episode. It’s such a bizarre premise to make an anime around, but David Production found a way to make it enjoyable. It’s so odd, up beat, and fun that I can’t help, but like it. Hoping the series can keep it up for the entire run.

    1. It is odd but the fun definitely came through in this first episode. It seems like a lot of viewers have enjoyed this first episode. Lots of us crossing our fingers that it manages to maintain this throughout a season.

  2. I quite enjoyed this opening episode. It reminded me a little of Nanbaka in its manic energy. I hope it doesn’t end up a one note joke for the rest of the series.

    1. That is my concern that they’ll end up being repetitive. Still, we can all hope the rest of the series is as good as this episode.

      1. Seems to me, it’s already dangerously on the edge of doing just that… This whole ep was essentially a one-trick-pony, saved only by the introductions of the various types of cells.

        1. I don’t mind that there was only really one thing happening in a single episode. However if that is the only thing going on in the next episode and over and over again, then there’s probably going to start being an issue.

  3. Well..afte Cactus Matt pointed me to this one, I decided to give it a go. And…I really liked it to be honest. It’s a very original concept, it looks pretty good too, and I really enjoyed the character designs as well. Like you though I do wonder how they are going to keep this interesting for an entire season…but let’s find out. Certainly going to give this a chance and watch the next episode 😊

    1. I’m optimistic but definitely holding off on giving a final decision on whether I’m watching this or not to see if they actually have enough ideas to keep this going or if we’re just going to repeat the same idea over and over. Still, I had so much fun with this first episode I’d really like this series to work out.

      1. I agree…as far as first episodes go, this really was one that immediately captured my attention as well. Fingers crossed that this one is going to keep being as fun as it is now 😊

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