Celebrating Megane Day

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The amazing Mel has organised a small celebration for Megane Day which happens to be today. I’m going to admit, I love characters who wear glasses and so I was happy to take the excuse to revisit some of these amazing characters.

Previously I’ve given my top 5 list of male characters who wear glasses and the female list. And I stand by both lists of super cute glasses wearing characters.

That said, these lists were written in October 2016 and right after that my new glasses wearing love came along and he is super adorable.

Seriously, my only complaint is that he doesn’t wear his glasses often enough. Yep, Yuri Katsuki can go straight to the top of my favourite characters who wear glasses.

And of course in second place, from the same season of anime we were given Rei Kiriyama.

Way too much glasses cuteness in one season, and it totally made my top 5 list dated almost as soon as it was written. That said, I’m glad Mel organised today for us to celebrate because it gave me a chance to share the love.

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13 thoughts on “Celebrating Megane Day

  1. How could I forget Kiriyama! It was great seeing all those pictures of glasses wearing characters. Glasses just make everyone look better haha.

    1. I love that in anime the glasses are almost always styled to suit the character so they really become a part of that character. So many great glasses wearing characters out there.

  2. Characters with glasses are always automatically more attractive to me. As I said in Scott’s post, I wear glasses and feel so much more confident when I’m wearing them, so I think I just naturally attract to megane folks haha.

    1. I feel like certain characters really wear glasses and make them part of their identity. Other characters just kind of have glasses. Still, there are so many great anime characters who look amazing in glasses and it is really fun celebrating them.

  3. No suprise at all that I see these characters turn up! 😊😊 It really is a fun event that Mel organised (and I had never heard of it before either…so I guess you learn something new every day😊).

    1. I had heard of it but didn’t know if it was a real thing or when it was so I’m glad Mel brought it to our attention. Not to mention, I really did need to update that top 5 list given when it came out so it was kind of fun to revisit. My only issue now is I don’t know who I’m going to bump from the list.

      1. Lol, I had not heard of it at all, until I saw the post by Mel. But it was really fun to participate, that’s for sure 😊
        Haha…yeah, that’s the problem with top 5’s they usually change over time, and it’s hard to exactly decide what stays in, and what goes out 😊

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