ENDRO! Series Review

I am super late with this review but here it is: Endro! The story about four girls who want to be heroes and defeat the demon lord and in episode one they almost do but a spell goes awry and we go back to where they first meet and are training only now the demon lord is their teacher.


A Time For Choices

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Endro Episode 12 Review- It's time for the final face off between a demon lord and a hero but how will Endro deliver this event?

Sometimes Endro Gets It Just Right

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Endro Episode 11 Review - An odd series of events leads to a powerful plot twist and this one was kind of amusing.

Apparently They Do Grow On Trees

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Endro Episode 9 and 10 Review - The girls are back with their usual antics which are kind of fun and kind of cute but always a little bit uplifting.

The Princess, The Hero, and Everyone Else

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Endro Episode 7 and 8 Review - Cute Princesses and cute girls get more acquainted. Followed by a variety of shenanigans.

The Sickly Sweet With A Lot Of Heart

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Endro Episode 6 Review - Mao has come down sick with demon lord fever, or what appears to be a cold or flu. As usual, anime treats this like a life ending situation, however these characters manage to make even this tired old trope pretty adorable.

A Princess in Pursuit of Her Hero

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Endro Episode 5 Review - This week we introduce a Princess but where many an anime might now roll out someone extremely annoying, Endro takes the standard tropes and delivers something fairly interesting with them. I have to admit I really quite enjoyed this episode.

They Went On Vacation And Somehow Saved The World

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Endro Episode 4 Review - To the beach to see girls in swim suits and makeralmen being turned into some evil god's slaves? This anime might be a bit weird but it is actually fairly fun to watch.

Now We’re Searching For Fortune and Glory – And Cats

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Endro Episode 3 Review - With the demon lord making herself scarce this week we actually got a pretty cute episode of nothingness.

The Important Qualities Of An Adventurous Leader

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Endro! Episode 2 Review - And the girls continue to train as adventurers while the demon lord continues to plot against them. Riveting, really.