On Negativity in the Anime Community and Blogging

I often explore "why" people start blogging on anime. I collect those origin stories like a treasure. For some reason, they are very interesting to me even though they also tend to be very similar. The top reason by a mile is usually some variation of: "I love anime and I wanted to find people … Continue reading On Negativity in the Anime Community and Blogging


Have You Found ‘The Free Spirit Anime’?

We all know there are some amazingly talented people in the community and it is always great finding a new blog to read or view that has something interesting about it. Today I'd like to introduce a blog that might be fun to check out if you haven't already found it.

Irina on 100 Word Anime

Hi guys, How are you today? I hope you're good. Happiness is contagious and there's never enough around. Today, I would like to have a little chat with you. Just a tiny update on my adventures in 100 Word Anime in case you are curious. First, let me tell you how all of this came about. … Continue reading Irina on 100 Word Anime

Kono Oto Tomare! Review Episode 13

The Final Sound Kono Oto Tomare! Episode 13 Apparently there’s more of this coming at a later time, but for me, this is the final episode I’ll watch (I do reserve the right to change my mind in a few months but for now I’m over it). The injured hand drama gets stretched the duration … Continue reading Kono Oto Tomare! Review Episode 13

Attack on Titan Review Season Three Part Two Episode 10

At Last, The Sea Attack on Titan S3 P2 Episode 10 It is rare that I feel Eren is being the realist of the group, but this final episode of season three, part two of Attack on Titan really shows how grounded he has become after repeated tragedies. No longer the shouting optimist who believes … Continue reading Attack on Titan Review Season Three Part Two Episode 10

Do Blogging Breaks Work?

There’s really only on gif to use for this occasion, isn’t there? You know guys, when you’ve been around the blogosphere for a while, you start to recognize certain patterns. Signs if you will. When you pay attention, you can sort of tell when a blogger is no longer as excited by their blog as … Continue reading Do Blogging Breaks Work?

Kono Oto Tomare! Review Episode 7

Is This Actually Meant To Move The Audience? Episode 7 Teen melodrama abounds in Kono Oto Tomare this week. First we get a touching backstory for Hozuki and the raising of the question, once again, as to why anime parents are so terrible. Seeing the destruction of Hozuki’s relationship with her mother framed by the … Continue reading Kono Oto Tomare! Review Episode 7

Foreigners in Anime

I have always been the weird foreign kid. When I was younger we moved around so much that I never got to know what it's like not to be the outsider. I have no innate appreciation for feeling like I thoroughly belong somewhere and that somewhere truly belongs to me. My home is where the … Continue reading Foreigners in Anime

Tsurune Episode 14

More of the same but just a little different. Well the boys are back in another episode of Tsurune. This one took me by surprise when it appeared out of the blue on the Crunchyroll line up, though I guess if I paid more attention to release announcements I'd have known it was coming. Still, … Continue reading Tsurune Episode 14

Anniversary Special – Looking Back at The Third Year

Earlier in the week I celebrated my third anniversary for 100 Word Anime. For me, that was really exciting because each year I kind of feel like I'm learning more and figuring things out and I also feel like my posts are written a little better than they used to be. Okay, there's still typos … Continue reading Anniversary Special – Looking Back at The Third Year