Top 5 Anime That Contain Cute Monster Characters

Top 5 Cute Monster

Why cute monster characters?

I realised I’d completed a list a while back of creepy monstrous creatures in anime but I’d never celebrated all the adorable monsters out there. It is time to correct that oversight with my list this week. Now, this is not a list of cute monster girls. That would be its own list entirely. Instead these are actual monsters, that look like monsters, but they are just so cute.

What are my top 5 anime containing cute monster characters?

Please note: There will be spoilers below.

Number 5: Mamoru from Kamisama Kiss

Mamoru is definitely a cute monster character.

Kamaisama Kiss is full of very hot yokai males so adorable isn’t the first word that comes to mind when describing the characters. Yet, season 2 of Kamisama Kiss brought us an exception to the rule in the truly cute Mamoru. Maybe it is because Nanami had to hatch Mamoru as a test in the first place and she’s fiercely protective of her shikigami, but Mamoru is one of those characters that just makes you want to tilt your head and soak in the cuteness. Just look at those big, innocent eyes.

Okay, in fairness the adorableness is a little less apparent when he transforms into his more human form so my vote is to just stay as that sweet little monkey.

Number 4: Kyubey from Madoka Magica


I actually had to think a long time before I decided to include Kyubey on this list. Not because he isn’t cute and all, but because I think he kind of stretches my definition of monster. I see him more as an alien or an inter-dimensional being more than a standard monster. Then again, he is arguably the one who acts most monstrously out of all the characters on the list this week so I’m going to just let it go.

That said, if that cute little thing showed up at my house with those adorable pin eyes and cute little ears, I’d be hard pressed to turn down the chance to make a contract. Do you think he’d let me touch his tail?

Number 3: Rimuru Tempest from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime


I get that Rimuru spends the majority of his times after eating Shizue as a more humanoid character but you have to admit there is something truly cute about this little, blue, bouncing ball of slime. Maybe it is the way he emotes. Or the way that at times his movements defy all logical and physics. Or maybe it is just that we’re used to slimes that are either slow or fairly useless and yet Rimuru just kind of zips about and does as he pleases.

Either way, it is hard to argue against his cuteness and the fact that he was reincarnated as a monstrous slime and so absolutely deserves a place here.

Number 2: Tama from Natsume’s Book of Friends


Narrowing it down to just one character from Natsume Yuujinchou was incredibly challenging but ultimately it had to be Tama. Maybe it is because like Mamoru from earlier in the list, Tama was found as an egg and taken care of by Natsume and Nyanko-Sensei in one of the cutest sequences ever. The hatching scene itself was quite adorable and then emerged this cute little button.

Okay, Tama definitely doesn’t stay tiny and cute all that long but for a short period he was adorably co-inhabiting Natsume’s room and destroying everything made of paper to build his own nest. So, so cute and really should have been number one except that there was one undeniable winner from the moment I thought of this list.

Number 1: Mii-Kun from How To Keep A Mummy

For those who follow my blog, was there ever any doubt who would sweep the top spot?

I mean seriously, look at that little bundle of bandages?

A traditional Egyptian monster given new life and cuteness in anime form. Okay, I’ll admit the story didn’t have a lot going for it outside of the cute monsters but when the titular mummy was this cute I really don’t care. How To Keep A Mummy was absolutely worth watching for the sheer adorable factor alone.

I did not know I needed a miniature mummy in a Santa-hat until this anime came along. Thank-you.

Top 5 Cute Monster
Which cute monster characters would you have included on your list? Let me know in the comments below.

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Top 5: Anime With Demons or Devils

Tuesday's Top 5

There are a lot of anime that include demons and devils in their cast and I know that a list of 5 can’t even begin to cover all the great titles out there. Still, I decided to have a go at listing my 5 favourite anime with demons or devils in them. I did rule out just standard yokai anime though as I wanted this list to focus more on demons or devils as the are more often represented in the west.

Still, there are still a lot of anime out there that we could have got into and with one exception I haven’t even touched the sheer number of comedy anime that use these kinds of characters. Nor have I touched on the harem anime that go there so I’m sure there are plenty more anime that people could list and I’d love to hear your choices in the comments below.


I will just give an honourable mention to Devilman Crybaby. I didn’t really like that anime for a number of reasons but its depiction of demons was actually pretty solid and so it deserves a space on the list.

Have you got a favourite anime demon? Give them a shout out in the comments.

Number 5: Blue Exorcist

I feel a lot of people will probably have this one higher up their lists and if I had only watched season one I probably would as well. I really enjoyed the set up to this story in the first episode where we learn the truth about who Rin’s father was and we see part of the cause for his volatile temper and violence. While this anime takes a lot of liberties with the church structure, terminology, and the basic idea of what an exorcist is, it is undeniably entertaining. The second season lacked a lot of that charm that season one brought to the table, but still, it is a solid entry in terms of an anime focused on the idea of exorcising demons.


Number 4: Hataraku Maou-Sama

The Devil is a Part-Timer is one of those anime that just hit the right spot for me particularly in terms of its comedy. However, a lot of the enjoyment I found in the anime was in the way they portrayed the devil and his demon generals. Also, the connection between the hero and Satan was very nicely established and as the story progressed we had a bit of a look at the follies of humans and angels as well. While definitely not trying to be serious about its premise, this one is just a fun story where demons, humans and angels interact and the end results are interesting.


Number 3: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Weird for me to include an anime that isn’t even finished yet but I must say that I’ve really been enjoying how demons are portrayed in this one. While Tanjiro certainly has sympathy for demons changed from human against their will, largely because of Nezuko’s situation, he is also aware of the destruction demons cause if left to their own devices and after the first encounter where he hesitated, he’s managed to take appropriate action even if we continue to see signs of his compassion. It’s an interesting concept and I’m looking forward to learning more about the different demons we’ve met who haven’t been instantly killed.



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Number 2: D Gray Man

I couldn’t have made this list without mentioning the Black Order of exorcists who are fighting against the Millennium Earland his Akuma army. What I particularly like about this one is that the demons aren’t just springing to life on their own. The Earl makes deals with humans in order to breed his soldiers and so the number of Akuma the order are facing is in direct correlation to the weakness of humans who, desperate to reconnect with a loved one, accept the Earl’s dubious offer and end up chaining their loved one’s soul inside an Akuma. It is horrific but for Allen it is even worse as he can see that trapped soul which causes conflict inside of him when it comes to defeating them.

d gray man ep 56

Number 1: Black Butler

Well, you all should have seen that one coming. However, when it comes to an anime that does an excellent deal with a devil storyline, Black Butler is still my undisputed favourite. Sebastian is every bit a demon and yet he covers over his monstrous nature with suave appearance and manners only allowing glimpses at the truth beneath the surface when it suits him to do so. I genuinely love this story and have really enjoyed the Book Of spin-offs even if season 2 didn’t really work for me.

black butler

That’s my list but there are plenty of other anime out there featuring demons or devils and I’d love to know some of your favourites so leave me a comment below.

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Top 5 Girls In DanMachi

Tuesday's Top 5

I finally decided the girls in DanMachi really did deserve there own post.

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile you probably already know that I have a silly fondness for Bell from Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon. Whether it is from the first season of the anime or the light novels, I find his nice guy, hard working, character who knows when to really step things up in a fight quite delightful. But even with Bell being an adorable central character even I have to admit it is the girls in DanMachi that really do steal the show.

It is kind of impossible for me to just pick them from their appearance in the anime so some of these became more fleshed out in the light novels than the series. Still, I will avoid directly mentioning spoilers of any events beyond the first anime series.

Also, special shout-out to Welf. He’s an awesome character and kind of deserves to go on the list but I did decide to look at the girls of DanMachi today. Maybe I’ll do a list of my favourite male characters in the series at some point and I can assure you, Welf will be number one (provided I rule Bell out).


Give a shout out to your favourite girls in DanMachi in the comments.

Number 5: Eina

Eina Tulle - DanMachi

I feel a little bad making Eina number 5 on the list. She’s an awesome character that we meet early on. She works for the guild and supports Bell and is largely responsible for him not winding up dead fairly early in his dungeon crawling career. She cautions him, warns him of potential dangers, makes him memorise the layout and types of monsters he’ll be facing and helps him choose the correct equipment for the level he’s heading to.

While she clearly does have a crush on the Little Rookie, she remains professional and Bell views her more as a big sister character. Still, she’s essential to the story and her interactions with Bell are always interesting and that makes her one of the best girls in DanMachi.

Number 4: Freya

Freya - one of the girls in DanMachi
She also has an interesting grip on fashion.

Honestly, Freya should be higher on the list but her appearance in the anime so far has been really limited. Still, even before reading on, Freya was a character who intrigued me. Her few appearances were short but they had a big impact and it isn’t completely off-base to say that she’s really helping to shape Bell into the hero that he’s starting to become.

While she chooses to mostly manipulate from behind the scenes her actions were getting more bold in the series and she’s certainly continued to have a presence in the books. I would definitely love to see more of Freya.

Number 3: Ryu


Ryu is such a great character. She works with Syr at the bar that Bell regularly goes to and for the most part is just a fairly cold waitress. However her knowledge of the dungeon reveals a far more colourful past as does her level of observation and quick reflexes. By the time we see Ryu enter the dungeon it is a foregone conclusion that she’s going to be strong and she does not disappoint.

Number 2: Hestia


How could I do a list of awesome female characters from Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon without mentioning Hestia. The bright and exuberant goddess who works incredibly hard to support her small but important familia. Bell and Hestia are a fantastic duo and while they might both be looked down upon in the beginning, they aren’t going to back down as they fight for what they want to achieve.

Number 1: Lily


Lily is just a great character and a much needed one. While Hestia is at times observant, she’s also pretty flighty and being a god doesn’t give things the same weight a human might. Bell himself is pretty naive and overly trusting, so having someone like Lily by his side is essential.

That said, Bell met Lily when she was the one trying to take him for a ride and it was only through his stubborn kindness that she ultimately decided to actually team up with him. I loved Lily’s character arc and her role within the familia is absolutely imperative to their ongoing survival and financial security. She’s a lot of fun and exactly the kind of character Bell needed to have his back when entering the dungeon.

Well, that’s my list today but I’d love to know your favourite female characters in DanMachi. I know I didn’t include Ais. As much as she is vital to Bell’s growth and as a goal for him to achieve, I really find her a fairly dull character, but feel free to tell me why she’s amazing if you like her.

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Top 5 Very Cool Anime Knights

Tuesday's Top 5

There’s something that I find very appealing about anime knights in stories as anime naturally gives them its very own special twist. I’m still surprised by the frequency of knights within anime stories but given how much I tend to enjoy them I guess I’ll just not let that worry me.

There is no real criteria for this list other than I think the character is cool and they are in some form or another a knight. With that said, I would love to know your favourite anime knights so let me know in the comments.

Got a favourite anime knight? Give them a shout out in the comments.

Number 5: Female Knight – Maoyu

Female Knight

Female Knight is a slightly odd choice given she’s from an anime almost no-one has really watched and given, like all the other characters, her job is her name, it is hard to really say what stands out about her. However, I really enjoyed Female Knight as a character as she was strong physically but when able she was emotionally open. However, those moments were few and far between and by and large she carried herself in a manner that she felt necessary within her role. Really, a very tough lady.

Number 4: Suzaku Kururugi – Code Geass

Suzaku - Anime Knight

This one probably doesn’t need much of an introduction. The son of a Japanese politician he ended up joining the military to further some ideal and then, after the appearance or Zero and the disturbances he brought to the empire, Suzaku rose through the ranks ultimately becoming a knight. While I think Suzaku might be a little too idealistic for his own good, and certainly lacking in some practicality, I cannot deny that he has got some moves. He most definitely was not someone to be taken lightly even before Lelouche used his geass on him.

Number 3: Bozes – GATE


Bozes starts out as a little too cliche as the angry female knight who hits first and asks questions way too late to be of any help. Fortunately, Bozes gets to accompany the Princess to earth where she falls in love with Japan’s great works of literature (okay BL) and also their food and clothes. While her skills as a knight don’t come close to most of the characters on this list, Bozes is definitely one of the more entertaining knights I’ve encountered in anime.

Number 2: Roland – Lord Marksman and Vanadis


I absolutely had to put Roland on this list. Of all the knights here he is the one who most truly represented what the legends say a knight should be. He served his king and his country and served them well. Unfortunately, his honour and trusting nature was used against him and he met his end in a fairly horrific manner, but with his death he bolstered Tigre’s cause and proved who was just. Still, that seems a steep price to pay.

Number 1: Ikta Solork – Alderamin On The Sky


And now we have the least knight like character on the list (even included Bozes). Ikta Solork is lazy, crude, and not even vaguely interested in war. That said, he’s also bright, innovative and adaptable and these traits see him survive multiple battles that should have seen him and his friends wiped out.

Whether he wants it or not, he’s getting moved up in the chain of command and it would be fantastic if we ever got another series of this to find out what he did next (and whatever it is I’m sure he did it under protest after trying to get out of it and then he solved it in the fastest manner possible so he could get back to sleeping).

Which anime knights would you have included on the list?

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Top 5 Jonah Moments From Jormungand

Jonah Jormungand

The child soldier recruited by Koko the arms-dealer as a body guard, Jonah, has some really fantastic moments throughout the two seasons of Jormungand. Here I’m counting down my favourite five moments with Jonah. I would love to know your favourite moments with Jonah.

Now there were a bunch more brilliant moments I’d have loved to mention, such as when he won at paint-ball, shouted for the doctor in the mountains, or even when he saved Koko during the Orchestra assassination attempt, but I did have to narrow this list to five. Please keep in mind, if you haven’t watched Jormungand, there’s going to be spoilers here.

Number 5 – Laughing While Escaping

Jonah laughing

We meet Jonah when he’s first recruited by Koko and he’s emotionally shut down with very little expression. Kind of understandable given he’s been a child soldier for some time and hates weapons but is now about to work for an arms dealer. Still, the first time he genuinely laughs when Koko pulls a fast one and leads her team to escape, abandoning another arms dealer in the process, is pretty amazing and the start of Jonah exhibiting a lot more emotions as the story progresses.

Number 4 – Attempting To Get Revenge on Kasper

Jonah Revenge

Yeah, this doesn’t work out so well for Jonah anyway but anyone who has watched the series knows it was justified. Jonah’s first meeting with Kasper after joining Koko’s team is an emotional one with Jonah reaching for a knife. When we get the flashback showing how Kasper and Jonah met you fully understand Jonah’s impulse to stab the guy in the back, the front, or wherever else he manages to reach.

Number 3 – Protecting The Orphans

Jonah Orphans

This is totally linked to his reason for hating Kasper but when we see Jonah prior to meeting Koko, he’s working at a military base that has a group of orphan children in it (not suspicious at all). Jonah has been sneaking them food and trying to look after them but he can’t do anything when they take one of them away (who does not return). This is the trigger that sets Jonah off on a fairly bloody campaign however he does manage to secure the safety of the remaining orphans, even if he owes that to Kasper in the end.

Number 2 – Being Targeted By Hex

Jonah Targeted1

It is sometimes hard to remember how young Jonah is given his behaviour in the story however there are times when we are made fully aware that he is young and vulnerable. Hex’s targeting of him when she’s denied the right to target Koko is one of the more emotionally charged moments in the series (and leads to the death of another character), but it is a great moment for Jonah as well. He identifies the danger and manages to keep himself and Koko alive long enough for the other character to reach them. He’s drugged and injured in the process but it was still a pretty impressive effort given what they were up against.

Number 1 – Turning Against Koko

Jonah Turning

From hating Koko because she’s an arms-dealer, to being intrigued by her, to having a relationship that is built on trust, to finally learning her secret, Jonah’s relationship with Koko is a complex one and one that ends up being the cornerstone of the climax of the series. Koko’s plan is one thing, but it more or less sits on the back-burner while Jonah works through his thoughts on the world and Koko. Still, his turning a gun on Koko was fairly dramatic and definitely deserves the number one place on the list.

So did I get it right or do you think there are other Jonah moments in Jormungand that deserve a spot in the top 5? Let me know in the comments below.

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Top 5 Blonde Anime Girls

Top 5 Blonde Anime Girls - List

Well I’ve counted out my top 5 red-haired characters and looked at lovely ladies with blue-hair but today we are looking at my top 5 blonde anime girls. Now this list has undergone a few revisions over the years most recently last November, but the Winter 2022 season gave me a character I just had to mention.

And that sadly knocked our favourite moon princess, Sailor Moon, right off the list.

As always, I’d love to know which characters would appear on your list so feel free to leave a comment sharing your favourite blonde anime girls.

Who are my top 5 blonde anime girls?

Number 5: Amber from Darker Than Black

Amber in Darker Than Black is a bit of an enigma because she’s only really in flashbacks until the second half and even then she is in and out of the show. That said, I like her character. She plays everything very casually even while she’s probably the only character with the full picture of what is really going on. And she makes some really hard choices and pays the price for them.

While I still feel she might have clued some of the other characters in a bit earlier, she has sound reasoning for her actions in the end and she seems to genuinely respect Hei’s final decision in the series. Amber, for taking on everything and doing it with a smile, you have taken the fourth position as one of my favourite blonde anime girls.

Number 4: Riza Hawkeye from Full Metal Alchemist

What’s not to love about Riza no matter which version of Full Metal Alchemist you are watching? She likes dogs, she’s the only one who can really deal with Colonel Mustang, she’s a crack shot, and she’s a hard worker. Add to that she’s also a voice of reason and logic and occasionally a motherly figure to the younger characters, and she’s just all kinds of amazing. If I ever do a best supporting character list, Riza is going to be on it.

Number 3: Utau Hoshina from Shugo Chara

She’s an idol with not one, but two guardian characters that take the form of an angel and a devil. Early on in Shugo Chara, Utau works against our protagonists and only uses Iru (the devil guardian). Later on she accepts Eru (the angel) and she begins building herself up from scratch as an idol and a person.

Other than her brother complex, Utau is a fascinating character and a good rival for Amu early in the series. She’s also pretty awesome as an idol even if she does use her powers for evil early on. As a character, Utau experiences the best growth and development in this series.

Number 2: Marin from My Dress Up Darling

Dress Up Ep6 1

How could I not add this adorable and expressive would-be cosplayer to the list of awesome blonde haired anime ladies. Marin from My Dress Up Darling is truly fun to watch in action and any given episode has her pulling dozens of wonderfully emotive expressions.

That she is also just a truly lovely person just makes every episode with her a joy.

Number 1: Maka Albarn from Soul Eater

Maka Blonde Anime Girl

It had to be Maka from Soul Eater. She’s one of my all time favourite characters and she’s just plain awesome. She hits the books, fights with a scythe, and is still a genuinely nice person who is able to make a real connection with Crona who is need of human contact.


Unlike so many heroes, Maka isn’t just strong because she is. She’s actually probably the weakest in the group we follow, but she is an incredibly hard worker and very determined to succeed. Even Maka going crazy is highly entertaining.  Oh, and don’t make her mad when she’s carrying a book or you will get hit with the dread Maka chop.

Top 5 Blonde Anime Girls - List

And that’s my list. As I said, feel free to add your own suggestions to the list in the comments below and let me know what you think of my selections.

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5 Supporting Anime Characters The Winter 2022 Season Could Do Without

5 Supporting Anime Characters The Winter 2022 Season Could Do Without

It takes a lot to make a great and memorable anime. Visuals, plot, and characters all play a role. But sometimes, even when you have a great central cast there’s a couple of supporting anime characters the story might have been better without (or maybe they just rub me the wrong way).

Which supporting anime characters do you like or hate the most this season? Or who could a show do without?

Now let’s be honest, supporting characters play a really important role in all stories. It doesn’t matter how great your protagonist is if every character around him is about as effective a limp piece of seaweed on the screen. And there are some great supporting anime characters this season as well (I’d look to most of the cast of Sasaki to Miyano for how have a good supporting cast), but there have been some real duds as well.

Here are 5 supporting anime characters I’d happily see deleted this Winter 2022 season.

No. 5 Falanya Elk Arbalest

Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei Jutsu Episode 3

If your first thought when you read the name Falanya Elk Arbalest was ‘who?’ you probably aren’t alone even from people watching Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei Jutsu. Falanya isn’t an overly annoying character for a younger sister trope. If anything, her greatest flaw is that I cannot see any plausible reason for her existence as she’s contributed pretty much nothing to the plot and is barely present. Yet somehow we’re supposed to find the cut scenes to her doing whatever endearing and her appearance is enough to make Wein suddenly stop throwing a tantrum and at least pretend to act like a prince momentarily.

Honestly, this is one supporting anime character that you could cut from pretty much every episode so far and it would have no discernible impact on the story.

No. 4 Wataru Chikushi

Tokyo 24-ku Episode 1

Despite making appearance so far in pretty much every episode of Tokyo 24-Ku, Wataru Chikushi strikes me far more as someone who simply keeps plot points connecting by interacting with each group involved in the story rather than a real character. At times it seems he might be plotting something or somewhat more sinister but mostly he just seems like he’s wandering around and conveniently wherever he needs to be to prod another character into taking some sort of action.

While his role to the plot is critical with several key moments probably not happening without his presence, that’s all he is. I have no sense of who he is as a character and we’re now half-way through the season. Most of his role could be divided between the other supporting anime characters in this story, all of which have made more of an impression so far.

No. 3 Juna or Carla

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Episode 18

If I could have, I’d have also thrown Tomoe onto that list of supporting anime characters that as members of the would-be harem in Realist Hero just aren’t necessary. Unfortunately, while Tomoe has been mentioned in season 2, she so far hasn’t even made an appearance so maybe the writers also figured out that there were far too many unnecessary characters floating around the screen at times.

Both Juna and Carla feel very much on the periphery of Souma’s growing harem with Liscia and Aisha now having dibs and Juna being asked to ‘wait’. When you throw in Jeanne and the Amidonian Princess as well as all the supporting male characters honestly Realist Hero just suffers from bloat (among other things this season). Trimming down the cast might help it regain some focus, though I guess then we have to decide which girls would get the axe. Either that or let them be true supporting anime characters and given them something to actually do rather than just being there.

No. 2 Iris

The Strongest Sage With The Weakest Crest Episode 5

As supporting anime characters, dragon girls are cool right? Right?!

Or at least The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest really wants you to buy into that because they certainly haven’t spent any time making Iris an interesting character in her own right. Of course none of the supporting anime characters in The Strongest Sage are really coming out all that great. And that’s probably because protagonist Mathias is more or less amazing at everything and doesn’t need a support cast (and so why bother).

It makes for a fairly flat viewing experience though. At least Lurie and Alma get to grow their own strengths even if they ultimately end up standing behind Mathias when the real fight comes but Iris, outside of occasional comic relief moments (oh look, the little girl is super strong, oh, she doesn’t know how that works because she’s actually a dragon) really doesn’t serve any purpose.

No. 1 Jim

Love of Kill Episode 5

Anyone who has followed my reviews of Love of Kill so far would have seen this coming. Jim. Oh, Jim.

As far as annoying supporting anime characters go Jim just pushes all of my buttons. From his character design (why doesn’t he have a mouth and why is he comically shorter than every other character) to his voice acting (I don’t know if he’s supposed to have an accent or be from somewhere other than Japan as it hasn’t been made clear but wow I cannot stand listening to him), everything about Jim annoys me.

Unlike most of the other characters on this list, I’m pretty sure Love of Kill wouldn’t function without Jim, but it would be so much better if Jim were a character I was interested in or at least one I tolerated. As it is, his appearance on screen almost always brings the mood down for me.

5 Supporting Anime Characters The Winter 2022 Season Could Do Without

So there we have 5 supporting anime character that the Winter 2022 season could do without. At least in my opinion. I guess historically we’ve had significantly worse characters along the way who have seriously derailed stories (and at some point I guess I should do a list of worse supporting anime characters ever) but focusing on the here and now, these are the characters I am watching week after week and wondering, ‘just why are you even here?’

But as always, I’d love to know your thoughts so be sure to leave me a comment and share which supporting anime characters you could do without this season.

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Top 5 Boys Love Anime I Enjoyed

Top 5 Boys Love

I do enjoy a good boys love anime, though finding a good one is actually quite difficult (as was finding any that had been released in Australia not so long ago). Even now it feels a lot of these titles don’t get the episodes they need to really explore their characters or the budget that they need to tell their stories well. So today, inspired by my review of Given that came out yesterday, I’m counting down my top 5 shounen ai anime. I’d love to put Yuri on Ice on this list (it so counts) but for whatever reason it isn’t actually tagged as shounen ai. Still, we all know I’m for Victor and Yuri forever.

Anyway, given this is my personal list and based on nothing other than my own enjoyment, I’d love for you to share your favourites. It will give those looking for some boys love a place to start (though if there happens to be more adult content please place a sensible warning with the recommendation).

Number 5 – Junjou Romantica


Right, so despite owning this one on DVD (and how it got a DVD release in Australia I still don’t know but thanks) I’ve never actually reviewed it or talked about it in detail on the blog. That’s probably because there’s a lot of problematic content particularly in the early episodes that will put people off this title.

Throw in massive age gap, power imbalance, and essentially guy hired to tutor his friend’s brother who ultimately molests him before we’re meant to buy that they fall in love, and there’s so many issues there. Add in clingy and controlling nature and denial or being gay, as well as two other couples with their own baggage, and I’m sure you are now wondering why this one is on my list at all.

Honestly, despite the horrific starting point, and it is a horrific start to a relationship and in the real world I’d tell the main character to run to file a police report and then never go near that apartment again, once you get through that all three of these couples do grow on you. I also like that we spend a few episodes with this couple before cutting over to that one and so no one ever lingers long enough to get on your nerves too much.

Over three seasons all of these characters grow and progress and while there’s no removing their starting point and they are still dysfunctional in season three, there’s a lot of sweet moments as they travel along. Anyway, I liked this one enough that I jumped at the chance to buy it and while I don’t recommend it to anyone who dislikes the usual tropes associated with these kinds of stories because it essentially rolls everyone of them out, for those who are game to given anything a go, there’s definitely some better content as the series progresses.

Number 4 – Hitorijime My Hero


This one I did review and I definitely made my issues with the series known through a plus/minus format. Basically we again have a major power imbalance with an age gap and the older person’s position as a teacher, however this series does try in some tokenistic way to address that. Outside of that though, its just a nice story with characters who are stumbling along and you kind of want them to reach a happy ending.

Again though, it takes awhile to get going and the early episodes don’t leave the best impression. If you start it be prepared to watch through and you’ll probably be happy with where it takes you by the end.

Number 3 – Spiritpact


Never has a show proven to me more that you should put up with terrible beginnings than Spiritpact. Season one is plagued with terrible animation and humour and a storyline and tone that doesn’t seem to know what it is doing. The characters are all over the place and it is basically a mess. By the end of season one there’s a little bit of promise there though and season two delivers an absolutely gorgeous narrative with romance and personal growth and pain.

While there are occasional set-backs and reminders of some of the less admirable moments in season one, Spiritpact went from strength to strength throughout its second season and it was amazing falling in love with the characters and watching them grow closer together as the story progressed.

Number 2 – Dakaichi

DAKAICHI Episode 1 - Junta and Takato

It’s definitely a curse for this genre. Episode 1 of Dakaichi starts with yet another near rape (and the source material actually didn’t stop at a near miss). Yet somehow we’re expected to buy into the love story, and to be honest, Dakaichi’s recovery is a lot swifter than most of the anime on this list. It kind of helps that I was a huge Takato fan-girl while this one aired and by and large really enjoyed watching this anime.

As I said in my series review, if you can get over how this relationship starts, and the fact that every guy who meets Takato seems to want to sleep with him, then there’s a lot of enjoyment to be had as these two actors get together.

Number 1 – Given


Well it was the anime that inspired the list in the first place so it was fairly obvious it was going to be pretty high up that list. Free of so many of the tropes and problems that plague the others on the list, Given’s only real issues are that it is very slow paced which will put off some viewers, and that the relationship is equally slow moving.

While that made for a fairly delightful viewing experience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed watching these boys coming together, if you are more interested in what happens after they are a couple, season one of Given (and the only season we have) isn’t going to go there. Still, Mafuyu and Uenoyama are an adorable couple and the supporting cast has more than enough characters to ship for those who enjoy that aspect of the genre. Definitely a series to check out if you haven’t tried it so far.

And as I said at the start, this list is entirely based on what I’ve enjoyed so I would love for you to share your top picks for boys love anime.

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Top 5 Anime Valentine Episodes

Anime Valentine Episodes

Well it is Valentine’s Day so today I’m counting down my top 5 favourite Valentine episodes. This was actually harder than it sounded because while I know I have watched a million different anime versions of Valentine’s Day (seriously, this was not an exaggeration at all) I really struggled to remember which shows they were in. And that’s because they are all pretty much the same.

My list ended up being based on which episodes stuck with me (which will explain some of the weird choices). Feel free to add your favourite Valentine episode in the comments below.

Please Note – There will be spoilers below.

Number 5: Vampire Knight

Yuki in a memorable Valentine Episode feeding Zero chocolate.

While I’m not the biggest Vampire Knight fan (way too Twilight in anime form and I was too old when this came out to really appreciate the brooding teen romance element), I must admit the Valentine’s Day episode is memorable. Screaming fan girls, crowd control, Zero actually being kind of nice and getting punched for it, a couple of broken hearts and all and all it is a perfectly watchable Valentine episode.

Which is more than can be said for Yuki’s attempt at handmaking chocolate. Not entirely sure how you manage to mess that up but somehow she not only manages to make a disaster out of the kitchen but the single chocolate ball she creates is, if Zero’s reaction is anything to go by, unpalatable.

Number 4: Acchi Kocchi


Alright this is one of my weirder choices for best Valentine Episode and yet Acchi Kocchi definitely deserves the place on the list. It isn’t that anything particularly different happens in this episode. Its Valentine’s Day and Tsumiki wants to make chocolates for Io but he doesn’t like plain chocolates so she’s making mousse. That’s all pretty standard but the reason this episode sticks is because of Mayoi and her surprise chocolates.

Surprising because she claims she put frog meat in them after feeding them to the guys. Of course, she wouldn’t be Mayoi if she left it there. She follows this up with coating Tsumiki’s lips with chocolate flavoured lipstick and pushes her toward Io. Fortunately Io is a gentlemen (or at least smart enough not to put up with Mayoi’s rubbish) and manages to come out of the situation more or less unscathed though Tsumiki might have exploded. In short it is Valentine’s Day the way only Acchi Kocchi could do it.

Number 3: Fruits Basket 2001


This Valentine’s Episode is pretty straight forward in the original Fruits Basket anime. Tohru decides to make everybody chocolate however when she is about to give it to everyone Kyo, who is annoyed with Kagura, declares he hates chocolate. He is then guilt tripped into eating both Kagura’s and Tohru’s chocolate. It isn’t a profound episode but I really like Kyo as a character so I kind of enjoyed this moment.

With so many super sweet moments across its run having a Valentine Episode that still stands out is no easy feat so extra points to Fruits Basket for managing that and getting the mix of comedy and sweetness pretty spot on.

Number 2: Kimi Ni Todoke


Honestly, this should be number 1 on my list of favourite anime Valentine Episodes. The reason it isn’t is because Sawako doesn’t give him the chocolates. So frustrating (though not unusual for Kimi ni Todoke). She gives chocolates to everyone else but then questions the meaning behind the chocolates she wants to give Kazehaya and after hearing he won’t accept chocolates with real feelings she hesitates and loses her chance.

As much as I love this show, this episode is really frustrating. Certainly it is memorable and he does eventually get given the chocolates but Valentine’s Day is not a particularly happy one in this series.

Number 1: My Love Story

My Love.png

At first I thought this was going to go down the same path as Kimi ni Todoke but thank goodness Yamato from My Love Story is a lot tougher than Sawako. While the group date is pleasant it is her arrival at his house later with the most ridiculously over the top Valentine’s cake ever. It is adorable. And honestly, who doesn’t want that cake?

There they are, my top 5 Valentine’s episodes.

What anime Valentine Episode would you have chosen?

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Top 5 Anime Confessions

Top 5 Anime Confessions

As much as I love a good horror anime, I will admit romance is a great binge worthy genre and is definitely appropriate when you are just in the mood to relax and be carried on a wave of emotions. However, with romance anime come anime confession scenes and a lot of these really stand out. Today I’m counting down my top 5 favourite anime confession scenes and I’d love to know what some of your favourites are.

By the way, there are definitely spoilers below particularly for numbers 4, 2 and 1. You’ve been warned.

Honourable Mentions:

Just the one honourable mention because I’m certain I will get plenty of others in the comments. I’m throwing Kokoro Connect in here mostly because of how grounded the characters were about the love triangle that actually resolved into an actual relationship with all of the characters properly acknowledging their feelings.

Kokoro Connect Confession

Number 5: Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

This one is representative of all those anime that shout their confessions aloud for the world to hear. It is a standard trope and yet Bunny Girl Senpai, in its usual fine form, managed to make this scene the climax of its first and strongest arc with Sakuta running outside the classroom and shouting his love for Mai at the top of his lungs at the building. I’m still left wondering why he didn’t end up in more trouble for that stunt disrupting all those classes but it certainly got the point across even if Mai didn’t actually accept the confession until nearly a month later.

Sakuta shouts his love for Mai at the School - Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Number 4: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

What is more adorable than two dorks falling in love and fumbling their way through it? Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood gave us brilliant characters and action with a fairly epic scale plot but it was this scene at the train station right at the end, where Ed finally confesses to Winry (proposes actually), that really hit home for me and left me feeling like I’d just watched something incredibly special (okay, there were other moments in the show that did a similar thing but this has the advantage of being the point the show leaves us on). So happy this moment happened and so happy that Ed was true to Ed in how he did it.

Ed from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood confesses to Winry

Number 3: Dakaichi

This one if it happened in reality would probably be a little bit on the creepy side (okay, hold the little bit – it would just be creepy) but as a well delivered line in an anime this one near stopped my heart and I wasn’t even a big fan of Junta. However, when he stares right at Takato (and at the audience) and declares ‘I want you’ there is no doubt that this is a clear and straightforward declaration of love and one we don’t get very often in anime where so many characters blush and stumble their way through confessions. Seriously, this one can give you shivers.

Now if we just take away the lack of consent earlier and the possessive nature of this relationship we could have one of the most beautiful love confessions ever.

Dakaichi - Episode 1 - Junta

Number 2: Chuunibyo Demo Koi Ga Shitai

Again, what is more adorable than two dorks in love? You have to admit, this particular moment between Yuuta and Rikka, or rather the Dark Flame Master and the Keeper of the Tyrant’s Eye is spectacularly adorkable. hiding behind their personas, or in Rikka’s case for awhile her umbrella, this sequence under the bridge is one of those moments that just leaves you wanting to hug both the characters and never let them go. Sure, they’ve still got a long way to go, but seriously this moment was absolutely delightful.

Chuunibyou Confession between Rikka and Yuuta

Number 1: Angel Beats

This one is notable for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it doesn’t happen at either the beginning or the end of the series but is more of a mid-season moment. Secondly, it isn’t the main character confessions that stopped my heart cold, it was actually the support characters, and one in particular who prior to this had mostly been comic relief, who really stepped up and delivered a scene that can literally melt your heart. As Otonashi is trying to help Yui cross over, after a lot of mucking about she admits she wanted to fall in love but no one would have loved her because she was home-bound when she was alive.

Normally you would suspect the main character would reassure her that someone would love her but Otonashi freezes and in that moment Hinata steps up to the plate delivering one of the most unforgettable confession speeches of all time and over-ruling any objection she might have. He plans out how they would have met and how their relationship would have gone. He declares he would have stayed with her. He takes away all her fears and ultimately helps her find peace. It is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Angel Beats - Yui passes on after Hinata's confession

And there we have it, my top 5 favourite anime confessions. So now it is your turn. Confess.

Top 5 Anime Confessions

Which anime confession made your heart go doki doki?

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