Best Anime Couples in 2021

best anime couples in 2021

We all love seeing two super cute characters finally getting together after going through trials and tribulations but who are the cutest and best anime couples from 2021? Well as I didn't watch everything this isn't a definitive list but here are my picks for best anime couples and as always I'd love to hear from my readers about the characters who set their hearts dancing in 2021.

Top 5: Christmas Episodes in Anime

sawako christmas

My favourite anime Christmas episodes. Which are your favourites?

Top 5 Characters Voiced By Miyano Mamoru

Tuesday's Top 5

I don't give voice actors enough credit on my blog. They can really make or break a character and an anime, but other than Daisuke Ono I've never really focused on the voice actors in shows. However, with the return of Bungo Stray Dogs I decided to turn my attention to yet another voice actor I've really enjoyed over the years and am sharing my Top 5 characters voiced by Miyano Mamoru.

Top 5 Cute Anime Demon Girls

Tuesday's Top 5

Alright, we've had a plethora of cute anime demon girls showing up recently and they aren't exactly a new trend so today I'd like to count down the 5 demon girls I think are the cutest (keep in mind this is cute not sexy - that would be a very different list). However there are … Continue reading Top 5 Cute Anime Demon Girls

Top 5 Magical Girl Anime

Tuesday's Top 5

Tuesday's Top 5 - This week counting down the top 5 anime featuring magical girls that I have enjoyed watching over the years. As always, I'd love to know your favourites so please leave me a comment sharing your favourite magical girl anime and why you love them.

Top 5 – Female Anime Characters Who Wear Glasses

Top 5 Female anime characters who wear glasses

There are so many very cool female anime characters out there who wear glasses and I intended to celebrate them with my top 5.

Top 5 Kaede Hondo Voice Roles in Anime – Plus One I Hate

Top 5 Kaede Hondo

This season I've really been loving Mieruko-Chan and part of the reason for that is the wonder Kaede Hondo as Hana. It made me wonder what other Kaede Hondo roles I have loved.

Top 5 Blonde Anime Girls

Top 5 Blonde Anime Girls - List

Counting down my picks for top 5 blonde anime girls. Who are the stylish characters who placed and who would you have picked for your list?

Top 5: Use of Phones in Anime

Top 5 Use of Phones in Anime

There are so many anime that incorporate the use of phones into their story. So what are my favourite uses of phones in anime? And what are yours?

Who are the best anime characters in suits? Here’s my top 5.

Who are the best anime characters in suits?

Who doesn't look good in a suit? This list looks at anime characters in suits and my top 5 picks for characters who wear them with style. As always I'd love to know which characters you would have on your list so be sure to leave a comment or jump onto Twitter.