DanMachi Review Season 2 Episode 12 – The Love of a Goddess

A sickly sweet ending but one that I kind of appreciated. Irina and I discuss the final episode of DanMachi season 2.


Granbelm Episode 13 – The Last True Mage

I had two alternative titles for this post. One was Well, That's Over the other was An Impractical Swimsuit. I feel like these competently summarize my thoughts on this finale. It's unfair that final episodes tend to have a disproportionate impact on our overall impressions of a series but for better or for worse, the … Continue reading Granbelm Episode 13 – The Last True Mage

Results Are In – Your Choice For Best Anime of Summer 2019

You voted and here we are. It is time for the announcement of what the reader's picked as the anime of the season.

Final Thoughts on the Anime of Summer 2019

Summer has been a very interesting anime season and while not everything has ended up being brilliant, I've had a lot of fun covering the shows. Here's my final round-up of the season and what I watched.

Isekai Cheat Magician Review Episode 12

When the title actually claims he's a cheat magician I guess we had to expect a sudden power-up in the midst of battle to save the day. And so Isekai Cheat Magician comes to an unremarkable end.

The Ones Within Review Episodes 10 – 12

We resolve the issue of the lost companion and then have two final games, but as the anime ends with the story incomplete and it seems unlikely we'll get another season, it all feels just a little bit pointless. Unless you happen to like the child forms of the characters and the various flowers sprouting on their heads in episode 11.

Maou-Sama, Retry! Review Episodes 11 + 12

There are legitimately no words for how dull Maou-Sama Retry has become. As we cut between pairs of characters talking about stuff the overwhelming sense of nothing happening becomes unavoidable. Oh well, we're hopefully nearly done.

Fruits Basket Review Episode 25

The crisis with Kyo is momentarily sorted and all of the characters in Fruits Basket seem to be looking to the future. While on the one hand they've all resolved to try to overcome their difficulties, on the other they all seem to be sensing something big coming their way. Fortunately this one already has a second season announcement because while this episode leaves us at a nice resting place, there's a lot of time spent looking toward what is coming next.

Arifureta: From Common Place to World’s Strongest Review Episodes 9 + 10

Arifureta continues to plough through its source content bringing us the third member of Hajime's harem and a monster army march on a village in the space of two episodes. Admittedly, these two episodes are probably among the more interesting and least flawed of the series so far, but that wasn't a high bar to reach.