Fire Force Episode 5 – Sisterhood

I wasn't sure how they would handle Fire Force and I don't know what the general audience thinks of it yet. I do know this episode was re edited both in narration and visuals but If I hadn't read it, I would not have noticed. It flows perfectly from the last episode.

DanMachi Review Season 2 Episode 5 – Home, Family and Crippling Debt

An episode to bridge the gap between the war game and the next arc might mean a slowing of the pace but it also means a chance to spend some time with the Hestia familia in its newly expanded form. We've got toasts, bath scenes and crippling debt to go around in episode 5 of DanMachi.

Granbelm Episode 6 – Suishou Rising

Guys! that was actually the last line of the episode! I'm not kidding. Just like in 300! Humm, ok maybe some of you didn't get that reference. It's an old movie. You can probably google it... In short, it's an over stylized and ultra violent ode to classic ideas of masculinity and a lot of fun when you're in that type of mood. Now, I'm not implying that Granbelm and 300 are basically the same thing. But that is what Granbelm said!

Isekai Cheat Magician Review Episode 5

Taichi wakes up after the battle in the last episode to find an entire week has passed. Isekai Cheat Magician rolls up its sleeves and delivers a fairly average to below average episode in almost every respect. It would be difficult to try to refute those who've been calling this anime boring after this episode that literally just painted by numbers.

Given Episode 5 – Drum & Bass

The focus has shifted in Given this week from Mafuyu and Ueno to Aki and Haruki. This is not to the anime's detriment however as these two other band members show us they can carry an episode just fine. Irina and I discuss the latest developments in Given.

Kanata no Astra Review Episodes 6

Right, we aren't at the end of the season yet which means this could all go pear shaped and fall apart (looking at KADO that had 5 great episodes and then collapsed under its own weight and started digging a hole). Still, Astra Lost in Space shows it has some impressive narrative sense this week and we get some real dramatic tension, nice character reveals, and very pretty visuals.

Maou-Sama, Retry! Review Episode 6

This week is kind of a step up for Demon-Lord Retry. While it doesn't sort out all the pacing problems and its self-aware and smug humour still grates, as things get rolling this episode there are actually some enjoyable moments and certainly the episode ends on a high note. Saved from getting dropped, here are my thoughts on episode 6 of Maou-Sama Retry.

Cop Craft Review Episode 5

Cop Craft launches us into a city wide vampire hunt this week and the episode jumps from crime scene to crime scene before Kei and Tilarna track the vampire into the mall. If you want to see a battle of guns, swords and fangs, this episode of Cop Craft has you covered and if the visuals were just a little better this could have been one very solid episode.

The One’s Within Review Episode 5

Multiple character back-stories, the llama headed guy intervenes in the game, and intrigue galore this week in The One's Within. It is starting to kind of feel like this is building toward something rather than just being random for the sake of it and I hope that is true because if it pulls off a decent end game this series could actually be a nice quiet achiever for the season.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Review Episode 18

"Don't die" is Tanjiro's advice to Inosuke as he sails through the air this week. However this advice will prove easier said than done for all three of the young demon slayers as their battle on the mountain against the spider family continues. Demon Slayer continues to pick itself back up with an excellent episode leaving us once again on a cliff-hanger.