Given Series Review (anime)

Given Series Review

I had the joy of reviewing this one each week with Irina and I know that it was a definite highlight of the Summer anime season. Given is a low key boys love anime with two adorable dorks at its centre. Be sure to read the full Given series review.

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls in A Dungeon Season 2 Anime Series Review

DanMachi Season 2 Series Review

To say that the second season of DanMachi doesn't quite match the high energy fun of season one would be an understatement. However, we do get some important world building and character introductions so the question is whether that's enough for a season.

Isekai Cheat Magician Anime Series Review

Cheat Series Review

I get the distinct impression that Isekai Cheat Magician is what happens when someone who has only read one genre believes they've got an amazingly revolutionary idea - not one but two characters end up in the other world. Only then they don't know what to actually do with them and so the end result ends up somewhat less than satisfying.

Demon-Lord Retry Series Review

Demon Lord Retry Review

While Demon-Lord Retry gave us the novelty of a character getting older after being sent to another world, other than some over the top comedy moments that will either work for you or land completely flat it didn't offer all that much during the Summer 2019 season. I did make it to the end of this series, but it felt much longer than it was.

The Ones Within Anime Series Review

Within Series Review

The Ones Within or Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] is one of those anime that is better experienced than described. While it is certainly a flaw riddled viewing experience, not the least because it is incomplete, there's still plenty of reasons to give this one a shot. Particularly if you are in the mood for something a bit strange.

Arifureta: From Common Place to World’s Strongest Review Episode 13


At last Arifureta the anime comes to an end with the addition of one more harem member and a ride toward whatever adventure these characters have next. And apparently we're going to see that in anime form despite the many issues this season has had. There's no justice from the gods of sequels.

Arifureta: From Common Place to World’s Strongest Review Episodes 11 + 12


Rush, rush, rush. Finishing the guild mission, acquiring Tio, and straight into saving Myu before we jump to the heroes' party getting their butts kicked in the dungeon. Good to know Arifureta isn't going to change its tune this late in the season. One episode to go and then this mess is over. Read more...

Dr Stone Review Episode 13


It is finally time for the tournament in Dr Stone and the gang are already to go. There's a lot riding on the outcome and Senku and the others aren't above trying to turn things in their favour yet the draw ends up the worst it possibly could for them. It is another round of amazing facial expressions this week in Dr Stone.