The Worst of Spring 2017


Yesterday I posted the results of The Best of Spring 2017 poll, so if you missed the post be sure to check it out and let me know what your favourite show was. Here though, we celebrate those lesser titles that just didn't quite hit the mark. My Least Favourite Show Chosen only from shows … Continue reading The Worst of Spring 2017

The Best of Spring 2017


Finally here, the Best of Spring 2017. Here I give my favourites for the season and the result of the Spring poll that I ran. This one is great because there were over 100 votes so there was actually some tight competition for best show of the season. I will point out I accidentally left … Continue reading The Best of Spring 2017

Sagrada Reset Episode 13


Review: Sagrada Reset continues to be a frustrating and yet intriguing watch. Once again, the delivery is pretty dull as characters have stilted and vaguely robotic conversations that don't quite get around to telling us anything but sound like the should have a point.   Still, the introduction of a power that actually writes a … Continue reading Sagrada Reset Episode 13

WorldEnd Episode 12


Review: I was kind of wondering where this show would end given how it began, and it doesn't really disappoint. The final episode is extremely reminiscent of the first, including bringing back specific scenes we saw at the start of the first episode and the great use of music (missed that during the middle of … Continue reading WorldEnd Episode 12

Grimoire of Zero Episode 12


Review: I wasn't expecting much from this final episode and so I cannot say I'm disappointed. Still, as far as concepts go, Grimoire of Zero had so much more potential than it ever delivered and the final episode really hammers that point home. The group, including Thirteen, spread out, draw their magic circles, and get … Continue reading Grimoire of Zero Episode 12

KADO Episode 12


Review: As this is the final episode, assume major spoilers ahead. Minimal ranting - I'll save that for the whole series review. You know, given zaShunina's development as a character up to this point, it would have been really nice if the revelation that a copy of Shindo wasn't Shindo had actually had some bearing … Continue reading KADO Episode 12

The Eccentric Family Season 2 Episode 12


Review: Pretty sure I'd given up expecting a Nidaime/Benten face off and yet that's what we get this week after Benten 'allows' Yasaburo to crash the flying bus straight into Nidaime's home. Yasaburo really does think on his feet and yet he never thinks long term. Needless to say, Nidaime's reaction to the destruction of … Continue reading The Eccentric Family Season 2 Episode 12

Final Vote Reminder for Best and Worst Anime of Spring 2017

spring 2017

The Poll is closing this Sunday so this is your last chance to vote. Shows have either finished or moved into the new season and people have had some time to finish up what they are going to watch. I will point out that the Worst anime of the season has more or less been … Continue reading Final Vote Reminder for Best and Worst Anime of Spring 2017

My Hero Academia Episode 26


Review: This was a much more low-key episode than what we've been watching but it was quite effective as we see the students all hyped up after the tournament and moving into an internship and we also finally get to see the full impact on Iida of his brother's attack. While we saw the attack … Continue reading My Hero Academia Episode 26

Sagrada Reset Episode 12


Review: I'm kind of lost again with the timeline on this story. I think we jumped forward again after the resurrection/recovery of Sumire but I'm not entirely sure. That aside, she's alive and giving cryptic messages and answers to people seemingly for the sake of them not explaining things. That really drives me crazy about … Continue reading Sagrada Reset Episode 12