Arifureta Anime Series Review

Oh boy... Arifureta the anime... Hmm, nope, let's just do this.

High-Rise Invasion Series Review

I took this recommendation after reading Jon Spencer's take on it. After all, it seemed like just the silly kind of horror story I thoroughly enjoy (popcorn viewing at its finest). So ultimately, how did I find Netflix's High-Rise Invasion?

Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You A Wizard?! Series Review

You've probably picked up already that this one isn't actually an anime. I know, weird that I actually watched something that wasn't animated or made in the 90's. Anyway I came across Cherry Magic while scrolling through Crunchyroll releases and decided I was in the mood for something a bit different but didn't expect much. So, what did I get?

Given Anime Series Review

I had the joy of reviewing this one each week with Irina and I know that it was a definite highlight of the Summer anime season. Given is a low key boys love anime with two adorable dorks at its centre.

Given Movie Review

If you've followed my blog long you'll know I absolutely adored the 2019 series of Given and asked for more. Well, they've delivered a 59 minute movie follow up. While not quite a second season, this is one follow up I didn't intend to miss.

Fruits Basket Season 2 Series Review

I went into season 2 of Fruits Basket being warned not to set my expectations too high. That was probably a good thing but to be honest there's a lot to love in this follow up season that the original anime series never got.

Deca-Dence Series Review

An original anime from a studio that doesn't have much of a history and nothing I've actually watched (having not watched Youjo Senki), Deca-Dence deserves far more than its 7.52 score on MAL. While not perfect by any means, this one was a rare and somewhat unexpected treat.

Gleipnir Series Review

There's a real sense of fun launching into a series no one can adequately describe to you without spoilers and while Gleipnir's early episodes definitely leave you wondering just what it is you are watching, as the story unfolds you realise that despite the bizarre trappings it is actually fairly coherent. However, does that make it fun? Read the whole review.

Noblesse Series Review

Well, I had watched Awakening so it made sense to do a catch up view of the Noblesse series. Overall, not particularly impressed but there are some highlights here. Be sure to read the full review.

Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina Series Review

I don't know what I expected going into Wandering Witch but that's probably a good thing. Elaina's journey unfolded before me and I just kind of soaked it in. Read the full review.