Momokuri Series Review – Extremely Cute Moments But Fairly Forgettable


Momokuri takes the journey of girl stalks boy and

How Not To Summon a Demon Lord Ω Series Review – Not Quite A Cataclysmic Failure.

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While season one of How Not To Summon a Demon Lord wasn't exactly the most amazing thing ever, it was fun. So going into season 2 that was more or less what I expected. Yet what I got was a little bit different.

Cheer Boys!! Series Review – Finding Your Way Through Cheers


The basic premise of Cheer Boys!! or Cheer Danshi!! is that Kazu wants to start an all male cheer-leading team with his friend Haru. They work together to first recruit and then train a team. At first glance, there's not a lot to say about Cheer Boys!! and the various male members of the squad. … Continue reading Cheer Boys!! Series Review – Finding Your Way Through Cheers

Horimiya Series Review – Fascinating Anime Romance

Horimiya Review

Here's a romantic comedy anime that largely hits the mark. Horimiya was a very binge worthy anime. Here's why...

Black Butler: Book of Circus Series Review

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Ciel is asked by the Queen to investigate a circus after a number of children have gone missing and the police have no clues. In order to get close to the performers, Ciel and his butler, Sebastian, audition and take on jobs within the Circus in this 10 episode story arc.

Kemono Jihen Series Review

Kemono Series Review

After watching the first three episodes I was pretty keen to watch more of Kemono Jihen. While it didn't fully live up to expectations, this one ended up being a bit interesting. Read the full review.

Kamisama Kiss Series Review


A fun rom-com with plenty to recommend it even though there's a few problems along the way. Still, main couple Nanami and Tomoe are pretty sweet together after a rocky start. Original article published June 2016.

Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun Series Review

Hanako Review

A fairly simple premise and deceptively bright character designs mask a story that balances absurdity with the darker side of life and death in a blend that probably shouldn't work and yet ends up being pretty entertaining.

Dr Stone: Stone Wars Series Review

Stone Review

Stone Wars picks up with the Kingdom of Science preparing to go to war with Tsukasa and his chosen brutes, however Senku is sticking with his plan of saving everyone and wants a war without bloodshed. How will he go about this and, more importantly, will it be entertaining?

Black Butler 2 Series Review


With The Promised Neverland Season 2 falling hard this year and How Not To Summon a Demon Lord quickly following in its wake, I was reminded of another sequel that was just so incredibly bad.