The Promised Neverland Season 2 Series Review

While nothing in this second season will change my opinion that season one of The Promised Neverland was an excellent, well crafted narrative that hit just the right emotional notes, there's no avoiding the fact that season 2 is pretty much everything season 1 wasn't and the end result is a less than satisfying mess. Be sure to read the full review and I'd love to know your thoughts on the series so leave me a comment. I will however warn there are spoilers for the final episode in this review which I would normally avoid but in this case I kind of feel I should spare people from having to watch this themselves so it is kind of needed.

Moriarty The Patriot Series Review

We're back in Victorian London, a setting that anime has well and truly visited before, and once again taking on Sherlock's story though this time we're finding out about William James Moriarty. It is an interesting take on the character though I'm not entirely sure they've nailed the execution here.

Shiki Series Review

Shiki is one of those horror anime I return to again and again. Those who aren't the biggest fans of slow and suspenseful stories that ultimately go full blood bath are unlikely to find much here of interest, but for fans of the horror genre and vampire stories, there's a lot to appreciate. Read the full review. First published May 2016.

Ouran Highschool Host Club Series Review

From an anime that didn't impress me much on a first attempt to one that has a place amongst some of my most rewatched series of all time... How did Ouran Highschool Host Club win me over? Now with pod-cast.

The Devil is a Part-Timer Series Review

What's an ousted Devil to do when stuck in Japan with minimal magic and no proven way home? Why he needs to find a new path to conquest and that means climbing the corporate ladder starting wherever he can, even if that is serving take-away at a knock off version of McDonald's. First posted May 2016.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Series Review

Can an overused plot line from manga about a girl who was obsessed with an otome game getting reincarnated inside of it as the villainess really be entertaining to watch? My Next Life as a Villainess most definitely makes a case that it isn't so much what your story is about as how much chemistry your characters have. Read the full review.

Black Butler Season 1 Series Review

Black Butler - Series Review

Black Butler has for a long time been one of my favourite anime. For all the historical inaccuracies and potential plot problems, it remains a series that is very fun to watch and manages a solid and dramatic finale (which makes you wonder why season 2 happened). Read the full review. First posted May 2016.

Arifureta Anime Series Review

Oh boy... Arifureta the anime... Hmm, nope, let's just do this.

High-Rise Invasion Series Review

I took this recommendation after reading Jon Spencer's take on it. After all, it seemed like just the silly kind of horror story I thoroughly enjoy (popcorn viewing at its finest). So ultimately, how did I find Netflix's High-Rise Invasion?

Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You A Wizard?! Series Review

You've probably picked up already that this one isn't actually an anime. I know, weird that I actually watched something that wasn't animated or made in the 90's. Anyway I came across Cherry Magic while scrolling through Crunchyroll releases and decided I was in the mood for something a bit different but didn't expect much. So, what did I get?