3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

Okay, day 2 of this challenge and today I am sharing some movie quotes. If you missed day 1 and some of my favourite book quotes you should hop on over and have a look and feel free to tell me your favourite quote from a book.

The rules for this challenge were to display 3 quotes a day for 3 days on your blog and to nominate 3 bloggers per day. I’m kind of not nominating anyone but if you feel you want to take up the challenge, let me know because I’d love to see your quotes.

3 of my favourite movie quotes:

Quote - Movie1.jpg

(V for Vendetta)

Quote - Movie2.gif

(Fifth Element)

Quote - Movie3.gif

(The Princess Bride)

That’s it for today’s quotes but I’ll finish the challenge tomorrow with 3 of my favourite anime quotes.



3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 1

Okay, I was nominated for this by Rose on A World of Many Adventures quite a while ago so I’m finally doing a response. Thanks for the nomination, I’ve had a lot of fun thinking about what quotes to share.

The rules:

  • Display 3 quotes a day on your blog for 3 days
  • Nominate 3 bloggers per day

Seems simple enough. Given it’s 3 quotes for 3 days I’ve decided to split it into a day for book quotes, a day for movie quotes, and a day for anime quotes.Without further introduction here are three of my favourite quotes from books.



(Terry Pratchett)


I’d like to do the nomination thing but I know a lot of people kind of feel obligated to respond or pressured (or just indifferent) to these so really I’ll just open it upto anyone who would like to share. Sorry for breaking the chain.


Words of Wisdom

Another week and another round of anime wisdom for the ages. No theme this week, just some random quotes that I felt were worth noting.


Firstly from Zero/Lelouch. Essentially don’t dish it out if you aren’t willing to take it.


Eru from Hyouka, who is such a bundle of positivity most of the time, actually pointing out the obvious. Emotions are a continuum and you don’t get the highs without the lows.


Lastly this week, Decim from Death Parade. I like this quote because it echoes one of my favourite quotes from The Princes Bride. “Life’s not fair, anyone who says otherwise is selling something.” Life is honestly much easier to take once you stop expecting it to be fair. You don’t get disappointed half so often.

Well, that’s it for this week. More quotes coming next week.

Words of Wisdom

As promised, the quotes this week are a little more uplifting than last time.


I love Erza as a character but by far her most admirable trait is her absolute devotion to her guild and how far she’ll go to protect them.


Almost everything Momiji says is super cute, so when he takes a turn for the serious you really need to pay attention.


This one I’m in two minds about. I kind of like the idea but if someone happens to inspire you to have a dream than isn’t that just as good as finding it on your own?

Do you have a positive anime quote to share this week?

Words of Wisdom

This week, three more anime characters spread the wisdom of anime logic. There’s definitely a slightly darker tone this week so I’ll try and find something a bit more cheery for the next entry.


Right, so Ritsuka is a little heartless but you have to admit he has a point. No tact, but a point.


Sousuke saying what everyone one of us points out when called a nerd or a geek. Okay, I may not have a clue what brand of shoes those are or what the current number one song is on the charts, but I can convincingly argue which is the best Assassins Creed game and why Black Butler 2 should not exist.


Lastly, I recently got this anime on DVD so figured I should include a quote from it. I like this one because there’s a few different ways to take it.

So sticking with the theme, what is your favourite helpful but a little depressing piece of anime logic?

Words of Wisdom

Some more insights from anime characters.


Firstly today Hikigaya. I love some of his logic and rationalizations. Even when they are awful there is always a grain of truth hidden inside and that kind of makes it all the more tragic.

kaji copy

I’m going to agree with this quote. Particularly insightful given how little of Evangelion can be understood on a first watch through.


This one just resonates with me.

Okay, this week my selection isn’t really uplifting. But I like that all of these quotes come from characters who are taking on their challenges in a matter of fact manner and even though they might have negative undertones, none of these characters gave up.

Words of Wisdom

I mentioned at the end of June that I was going to only post Words of Wisdom once a week. Today I have three quotes to share from some of my favourite characters.


First from Athrun (Gundam Seed/Destiny). I really like this quote because it is true. Just because I understand where someone is coming from doesn’t mean I will accept their viewpoint. Understanding isn’t enough sometimes.


Secondly, from Linda (Golden Time). Okay, this one just relates to my real life at the moment. While not every thought you have needs to stream out of your mouth, there are some things you just need to say.


Lastly, from Hampnie Hambart (Sunday Without God). I’m guessing this advice isn’t true in Dazai’s case (Bungo Stray Dogs) but the rest of us would probably do well to remember it.

Do you have a favourite quote you’d like to share?

Words of Wisdom – June Recap

My second month of blogging is now complete.

I want to thank those who have supported 100WordAnime over the last two months. It has really been great hearing about different anime and different views on anime. I hope that you are all still visiting at the end of my third month and I look forward to seeing what you post on your blogs in the coming month.

To start July I am re-sharing my favourite quotes from June.

By the way, if you have a favourite bit of anime wisdom you’d like to see, let me know. I will only be posting Words Of Wisdom on Wednesday’s from now on but will try to include 2 – 4 quotes each week.