Guest Post: 5 Video Games We Want To See As Anime

5 Video Game

Guest post from Rachel: Even though the film industry considers video games merely as spin-offs, the two are not excluded from one another. Many films have failed as adaptations of video games, but where a movie would sink, an anime would probably thrive. The anime fandom and “geek culture” is no longer unpopular, for it burrowed itself into the pop culture and made its way into popularity, thus enabling such adaptations that would have failed before to success in this era. Let’s see our picks of the video games that would make excellent anime!

Guest Post: Colour Theory in Anime


Colour. It’s one of the things many of us take for granted, but it bring so much to our lives. Colour makes things appealing to the eye, is used to indicate certain things and can have an affect on your mood.

Guest Post: Chicken Soup for the Otaku Soul


Karandi: I'd like to thank Negative Primes! from Curiously Dead Cat for volunteering to be my first guinea pig guest poster on my blog. They've put together a great piece for the community and I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did. First, a warm arigatou to Karandi for allowing me to guest … Continue reading Guest Post: Chicken Soup for the Otaku Soul