Lamenting The Worst Anime 2021

Worst anime 2021

Last week I celebrated the wonderful anime that came out in 2021. Now I reflect (or lament) on those that disappointed. These are the worst anime 2021 threw at us, and oh boy there are some bad ones here. As always I'd love to hear your thoughts so get ready to share your worst anime experiences of 2021.

Celebrating The Best Anime 2021

Best Anime 2021

2021 has finally come to an end so it is time to celebrate the best anime 2021. While it is easy to lament those anime that didn't quite live up to expectations, it is important to celebrate what we love about anime. Let me know what your favourites from the year were.

What are the best fantasy anime to watch with friends?

best fantasy anime

Goblins and dragons and sword fights, oh my. There are so many fantasy anime out there but when you are getting a group of friends together what are the best fantasy anime to watch? Here are some of my picks.

Should We Stop Mocking Stories For Trying?

your lie in april

As anime reviewers you kind of have to sometimes be pretty harsh, or just not review anything you didn't like which makes no sense and kind of defeats the purpose. But there's being harsh and then there's falling into the habit of mocking stories for their efforts. It's become a fairly common criticism of a … Continue reading Should We Stop Mocking Stories For Trying?

Do You Need Great Animation In Your Anime?

Friday's Feature Banner Image

It might seem odd to question whether anime should be well animated but with Evangelion coming out on Netflix it has reopened a lot of the discussion around its status as a great anime. While there are plenty of complaints and comments about the story and characters (there are also plenty of people praising the … Continue reading Do You Need Great Animation In Your Anime?

Feature – I Want To Be The Very Best

How many anime characters want to be the very best? And what do they get if they achieve it?

Is It Okay To Enjoy An Anime When The Characters Act Questionably?

Questionable Feature

You've watched an anime that you mostly enjoyed but you know one or more of the characters have behaved in a way that has gained some criticism. Do you still tell people you enjoyed the anime or do you censor your own enjoyment in order to avoid criticism of being called 'degenerate' for enjoying the story? This is a real issue for anime fans on the internet and I'd love to know your story.