Campfire Cooking in Another World With My Absurd Skill Books 1 – 3 Review: Like Reading a Cooking Journal With Some Adventuring Thrown In

Campfire Cooking in Another World With My Absurd Skill Books 1 - 3 Review

Another isekai light novel that more or less shoves its entire premise into its title and leaves little to the imagination. In Campfire Cooking in Another World With My Absurd Skill, the character gets isekai'd as an extra during a hero summoning ritual, decides to leave the kingdom that summoned him, and ends up travelling around with various overpowered familiars and feeding them delicious food. Be sure to read the full review.

Reincarnated as a Sword (Light Novel) Books 4 – 8 Review: For A Light Fantasy This One Keeps Things Fresh

Reincarnated as a Sword Books 4 - 8

I already covered the first three volumes of Reincarnated as a Sword and clearly I enjoyed it enough to go for more. I've now read up to book 8 and unfortunately have run out of books or I probably would have kept reading. Be sure to read the full review.

The Isolator: Sect.001 The Biter Light Novel Review: Engaging Until the End


The Isolator is a complete story on its own but it does set up an ongoing series.

Reincarnated as a Sword (Light Novel) Books 1 – 3 Review: A Not So Wild Ride

Reincarnated as a Sword

Reincarnated as a Sword is pretty much what the title proclaims it to be. Standard isekai beginnings with the gimmick of the protagonist being an intelligent sword. Throw in the cat-girl, Fran, and this is pretty much what you would expect. Be sure to read the full review.

Impressions on the Latest Light Novels I’ve Read

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Recently I've finished reading Three Days of Happiness, The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World As An Aristocrat and Solo Leveling Volume 2. Here are my thoughts on each of them.

Solo Leveling: Vol 1 Audiobook Review

Solo Leveling Vol 1 Audiobook Review

I recently received a review copy of The Solo Leveling Audiobook from Yen Audio to be released July 13. Having read the light novel I was curious as to how the audiobook would go. Be sure to read the full review.

Solo Leveling Volume 1 Novel Review

Review Solo

Solo Leveling Volume 1 is one of those stories that knew exactly what it wanted to be and didn't really try to pretend to be anything else. We go from zero to hero with a character and learn more about a world where hunters a needed and gates and dungeons appear in cities around the world. Basically, this one is a lot of fun. Be sure to read the full review.

WorldEnd Volume 1 Light Novel Review

WorldEnd Review

While I mostly enjoyed the anime series of WorldEnd my curiosity about whether the story was better in written form (whether the pacing issues and nebulous characterisation was better) eventually got the better of me and I decided to try out volume 1 of the light novel series. After devouring its pages the verdict is now in.

Magical Girl Raising Project Light Novel Review Volume 1

Magical Girl1

What is it about tragic magical girls? Magical Girl Raising Project was an anime I couldn't quite get into but the concept of a magical girl battle royal kind of appealed and so checking out the light novel made sense. Having tried the first volume, what are my thoughts?

Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Light Novel Review Volumes 2 – 4

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Having loved book one and really enjoyed meeting the characters, seeing the world building and generally having a great time, I jumped on this series and read through volumes 2 - 4. Now the question is, do the follow ups pack the punch of the first volume?