Give In To Your Hate – Embrace The Darkness

Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary Episode Review Title Image

Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary Episode 11 Review: The Empress has lost it, Ning's lost it, Zhao's losing it, and Yin isn't fairing much better. Yeah, I think this one is heading for a complete tragedy because I can't imagine any of these characters getting a happily ever after at this point.


This Week They Really Spyced Things Up

Release the Spyce Episode Review Title

Release the Spyce Episode 10 Review: The traitor revealed and the girls in their worst mess yet - does getting blown up count as a mess - the only thing is this anime hasn't really made me believe any of these girls are really going to go down. I'd be highly surprised if they didn't shake all of this off in the first few minutes of the next episode.

Rumours and Lies, Tragedy and Triumph

Voice of Fox Episode Review Title

Voice of Fox Episode 9 Review: Voice of Fox unveils the tragic back stories of both Hu Li and Kong Que. However, just when it seems like Chuyun might get clear of the turmoil, her group member throws her under the social media bus in a fit of jealousy.

The Worst Way To Learn the Skill of Diplomacy

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode Review Title Image

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 11 Review: The lizardmen continue to try to recruit allies, meanwhile Rimuru may very near be killed by the poor cooking of one of his own in a display of absolute cliche dumping. Still, there's something genuinely pleasant about these encounters and pondering the question of where are we going.

Were You Considering a Job In A Bookstore?

Skull Face Book Seller Honda San Episode Review Title Image

Skull Face Book Seller Honda San Episode 10 Review: Honda considers what sort of person would be good for working in a bookstore and then begins worrying about a change of sections. Its the usual formula and it works so why change it now.

Reaching The Target With The Help From Friends

Tsurune Episode Reviews

Tsurune Episode 8 Review: Onogi is still fired up and wanting to win. Minato is worried about firing in competition again and facing Shu. The others all have stresses of their own. Can this team come together under these conditions?

The Empty Wishes and The Empty Girl – Excerpt

Bloom Into You Episode Review Title

Bloom Into You Episode 10 Review A lot happened in this week’s episode, which is true of most of these episodes even though the languid pace and general calmness of each scene might not really give that impression. Still, when there is so much meaning packed into every single sidelong glance it is kind of … Continue reading The Empty Wishes and The Empty Girl – Excerpt