Poco’s Udon World Episode 12

Review: We're sickly sweet right up until the very end but this show managed to stay on the adorable and heartwarming side (at least for me) rather than the nauseating overload of sweetness some of these shows go for. This final episode is the perfect resolution and it really feels like this show has done … Continue reading Poco’s Udon World Episode 12

Poco’s Udon World Episode 10

Review: We are closing in on the end of this series and this episode is full of tears. I'm kind of wondering about Nakajima. Rin was not drinking Sake which came as a surprise to you. She then got angry with you for lighting a cigarette. They made a big deal out of both. Surely … Continue reading Poco’s Udon World Episode 10

Poco’s Udon World Episode 8

Review: This episode attempts to inject some actual tension into the fairly sickly sweet atmosphere and in the process finally has Souta think about his relationship with Poco and what it actually is. The realisation that it has gone beyond just looking after a strange pet has been a long time coming but it is … Continue reading Poco’s Udon World Episode 8

Hagane Orchestra Episode 1

Continuing to check out shows I skipped over last season. Review: Self-aware supposed comedy. My favourite (severe sarcasm warning). While maybe there will be a joke or two in this that will make you smile the first episode was 4 minutes too long for my liking. We have incredibly terrible (but it's a joke so … Continue reading Hagane Orchestra Episode 1

Keijo Episode 1

This one I skipped on the write up but decided to see what it was all about after reading many positive reviews throughout the Autumn season. Review: This show is actually very pretty and fairly well put together even though this first episode goes through most of the generic steps you kind of expect from … Continue reading Keijo Episode 1

Gakuen Handsome Episode 1

Another Autumn catch up review. Review: I really did not miss anything by passing on this series earlier in the season. They take faceless protagonist to a new level and while I get this is supposed to be funny, mostly it just creeped me out. Between the generic set up (again, I understand they are … Continue reading Gakuen Handsome Episode 1

Brave Witches Episode 1

Continuing my catch up on shows I passed on this season, here's Brave Witches. Review: I actually really enjoyed Strike Witches, once I stopped asking why the girls couldn't actually be dressed, but I wasn't so fond of the follow up so I didn't just straight into Brave Witches. Watching the first episode of this, … Continue reading Brave Witches Episode 1

ClassicaLoid Episode 1

Well, we are inbetween seasons so I'm just checking out first episodes of shows I passed over this Autumn. Here are my thoughts on this gem. Review: No. Absolutely not. I have no idea who came up with this idea but no. I'm going to be honest, I didn't make it through the whole first … Continue reading ClassicaLoid Episode 1

March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 11.5

Review: Well, you should know I hate recap episodes by now so 11.5 isn't exactly going to do much for me. That said, at least the timing on this makes sense. If you didn't pick up this show in Autumn but are considering it (given it is continuing on in the Winter season), 11.5 does … Continue reading March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 11.5

Flip Flappers Episode 13

Review: This episode gave me a sinking feeling fairly close to the start. While part of me just kept hoping that Flip Flappers would actually do something noteworthy other than the visual spectacle the final episode overly relied on the power of love and friendship (without offering anything interesting thematically about either) and pure coincidence. … Continue reading Flip Flappers Episode 13