Castlevania Season 2 Series Review: Oh Look, We Got The End Of The Season

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I mentioned repeatedly in my season 1 review of this that it really wasn’t a season. It was a taste test. A preview or introduction to a series that hadn’t been fully made before release. Here, with the so called season 2, we get the rest of the season bringing the total episode count now to 12 which is pretty much a standard season. So other than a prolonged gap during which time I forgot most of the pertinent details forcing me to rewatch the first four episodes before getting into this, was there any real purpose to this? All I can figure is that they really weren’t sure of their market and wouldn’t commit the resources but that’s a really terrible way to deliver a story as all it really did was make the faults of this second season more apparent.

See, there’s a flow to stories. When you get caught up in them, it is easy to miss small details or to stop yourself from asking hard questions or picking at the edges to see what falls out. But once the story has had a jarring pause and you’ve had months plus a rewatch to contemplate, it is much harder to become immersed in the world. Particularly when the series itself seems to be doing everything possible to stop you.

Castlevania Season 2 Camilla and Hector

Now, that isn’t to say Castlevania is bad. Because, it actually is quite a fun little romp of a story provided the copious blood and guts being splashed around aren’t a problem and the clear sequel bait endings for the surviving cast members doesn’t annoy. If this had come out in a solid chunk and I’d binged the 12 episodes altogether, I’d have had an absolute blast and while I still probably would have noted a few of the flaws, I don’t think I would have been as disappointed.

I was going to try to start positive but I realised that every positive I have for this season comes with a caveat so we’re just going to have to wade right in and hope we don’t sink.

If you like your blood and violence (and if you made it through the first four episodes the answer to that is probably yes), then season 2 is going to deliver. However, there’s a different kind of feel to it. Whereas season 1 had kind of a cruel humour with its demons running from the city carrying an infant (the excess of this imagery just made it more amusing than horrific and maybe that’s saying something terrible about me) and Trevor’s whip cracking removing eyes and the like. It was excessive but fun. It was almost pushing things to the absurdist level as it rained fire and blood down upon the masses. Season 2 sadly lacks any of this kind of edge and instead we are left with vampires tearing through small packs of fleeing humans and a few fights between various demons and Trevor, Sypha and Alucard. These conflicts are still bloody but nowhere near the same level as the city slaughtering madness that the first four episodes threw at us.

Castlevania Season 2 Trevor

And that seems to be a reoccurring theme of season 2. We get more of things given there are more episodes, but at the same time it is less. There’s less impact, less care, and generally less involvement. The church that was such a threat in season one gets some mentions but otherwise are completely absent from the conflict. The vampires spend more time squabbling amongst themselves inside the castle and Trevor, Sypha and Alucard spend an inordinate amount of time investigating the museum that is Trevor’s family vault. With the three main groups separated for vast spans of time (and the church more or less vanishing) there’s a lot of waiting for things to get moving. It doesn’t help that the vampires barely attack anything during the run of the eight episodes here so unless you are fresh on the memory of season one you may not even really remember why we should care about Dracula’s whole kill all the humans plan.

But, we’ve just gotten to my big issue with this second season. Dracula. In season one, the time we spent with him was not great but it was well used time. They built up a very strong impression of this character who was literally larger than life. His love for his wife, his fury at her loss, the pain he felt and his anger being distributed amongst the masses in a slaughter that wasn’t justified but understandable. Here, well Dracula is just a hollow shell waiting to be killed (as more than one character points out). There’s a clever line from Alucard about this whole massacre thing just being a really long suicide note, and he’s right but that just kind of makes Dracula’s character seem even more hollow. The fire and fury is gone and we never even got to see it fade. We went from this extraordinary and imposing menace to the guy who spent nearly eight episodes sitting in his chair staring at the fireplace and occasionally having one on one chats with the various minions who were all scheming around him as he sat more or less oblivious or indifferent.

Castlevania Season 2 Dracula

Perhaps if we’d seen this transition and the slow loss of his connection to the war he started and the drive he had, it might have played out more emotionally. However, the transition happened off screen. One season we see him in one form and now here he is a different and much less interesting one.

They do fill a lot of the screen time with his followers though. The majority of the vampire characters are either glorified extras or just annoying, with Camilla being a notable exception. That said, her character remains more or less on the side of things and ultimately hers is a story unresolved so there’s little satisfaction to be found in this one. Also, her sudden swearing at various points might have been amusing but it kind of seemed vastly out of character for her (plenty of other characters swear and that’s fine, but it just sounded so wrong coming from Camilla – and not just because she was female but rather because it seemed like it didn’t fit with the rest of her persona). The two human generals Dracula acknowledges could have both been interesting but instead they come off as fairly cheap characters with contrasting ends just for the sake of it.

It might be fair to say that none of these characters left an impression, except that even when they are just stuffing around in a library, Trevor and Sypha have real chemistry and the addition of Alucard’s comments and provocations actually just worked really well. Every moment spent with the main group (and admittedly, there weren’t enough moments spent with them) was purely fun and once the fighting started things got very good very quickly. It’s just a shame that there’s so much down time focusing on things that aren’t really all that interesting first.

Sypha - Castlevania

I mean, there are questions about Sypha’s seemingly unlimited magical reserves and Trevor not being totally dead because even though he’s from a family of monster hunters he is actually a human, and Alucard just kind of does whatever because apparently half-vampire means worse than a full vampire though how that works is unclear… but none of this matters. This group is awesome fun. Let’s see more of them.

All and all, watching both season 1 and 2 of Castlevania together won’t be a bad watch. There’s plenty to enjoy – again though with a warning about the blood and gore, it is definitely a feature. However, this isn’t something that is unmissable and it probably won’t be remembered for long. But hey, whips, swords, magic, vampire killing… It is all good fun just remember not to ask too many questions.

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19 thoughts on “Castlevania Season 2 Series Review: Oh Look, We Got The End Of The Season

  1. I definitely got all excited in episode 7 (or was 11 😁). That was how things should have been all the way through, not just sitting around reading books and talking.

    I liked the overall tone and atmosphere. Not to mention the design of Dracula’s castle and the Belmont archive.

    It was a shame Dracula was such a non-entity, he has real gravitas in the first part.

    1. That was probably the most disappointing part, Dracula that is. I really do get what they were going for but it made him pretty dull to watch and that really didn’t help carry a lot of these episodes.

  2. This is a show that has what it takes to be amazing (and is at certain parts), but the pacing hurts it. It’s like it was written as a live action show, purposely slowed because of a limited EFX budget. People repeat themselves, saying the same things over several conversations. It’s not unwatchable, but they need a different writer(s) on this, bad.

    1. There’s definitely a lot of repetition in the dialogue. And there were some great moments. But, as you said, the pacing hurts it a lot.

  3. I’ve seen this title on Netflix and considered watching it, but I’m probably going to postpone it (maybe indefinitely) now. I like what you said about the flow to stories – it’s so true. I can’t count the number of times that I’ve missed out tiny inconsistencies or forgiven some lack of logic when I’m caught up in the excitement of a story, but later, when I’m forced to take a break or rewatch/ reread it, these flaws stick out like a sore thumb.

    1. I really do think I would have appreciated this more if it had all come out as one season rather than split like this. The flow and pace would have worked much better given episodes 1 and 2 here play like midseason episodes but they are meant to kick of the second season. It just doesn’t quite work.

  4. Oh, I can’t wait to dig into this one eventually. Sounds like it will at least be entertaining. The first “season” was fun enough I think.

    1. I think I preferred the first season, even without an ending. It was really fun and didn’t seem to let up. While there was enough fun here, it definitely seemed to drag at times.

        1. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have minded if this had come out with the first four because while there would be a low point in what would become episodes 5 – 8, that would be riding on the excitement of the first four episodes, and then it would pick up again.
          As a separate season though, they probably could have trimmed this to five or six episodes without losing anything important and it would have helped the pacing a lot.

  5. I did quite enjoy the first season of Castlevania, and I had planned to watch this one yesterday. But…as always happens these days, things went in a different direction and I ended up not seeing it.
    Having just read this, I’m lowering my expectations a bit now. However I think I will still get a kick out of it. The things you said about Dracula though sound especially disappointing 😢 Oh well…as I said, think I will still enjoy it to some extent. Thanks as always for sharing your views on this 😊

    1. It is still fun enough, but honestly the first four episodes that they gave us were really funny and really just exciting and over the top. Here they just can’t match that tone and there is a lot of down time considering there are only eight episodes. Just not enough happens and a lot of that fun and excitement is lacking (though there is still fun to be had it is much more low key).

      1. Well, I hope that maybe I can watch it in the upcoming weekend. I’m using this week a bit to catch up with some live action tv shows, something I havent’ watched in months 😊 Of course as soon as I’m finished with Castlevania season 2 I will let you know what I thought of it 😊

  6. This was a four or five episode series stretched out to be eight, and MAN does it show. They spend way too much time in the library and not enough time actually fighting vampires, so when the finale does come, it feels so rushed.

    Still looks good though, but I wish they had brought on actual anime voice actors for the roles.

    1. I really like the voice acting in this. Particularly Alucard and Trevor.
      But yes, they do spend far too much time sitting around with not much happening before we finally get things together for a fight. It really just doesn’t have much going on.

      1. The voice acting is solid, but you can tell that these guys are actors (and they are) and do not have that much experience in voice work. Not that it’s bad, but imagine like a Matt Mercer, Josh Grelle, Monica Rial doing these roles, would have been great.

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