Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Episode 8: Who Doesn’t Love Books?



Well, coincidences keep stacking up as it turns out transfer student Akiho actually lives in Eriol’s old house. Is anyone in anyway surprised by this? About the only real shocker was that she isn’t the reason Syaoran has been so secretive since returning. That said, I think I like Akiho more now that I’ve seen her library – and no screen cap could do that justice, it was magical.


While Syaoran and Sakura remain the cutest couple ever, I have to wonder if either one of them are making progress as characters at this stage of the season. Sakura underwent such a massive growth period during the original series it seems she’s kind of set now in her current mode. Syaoran has been too secretive to really be showing us any kind of growth or change. So with the two main characters kind of just going through the motions, it is a good thing they are still adorable and the captures remain every bit as compelling as they ever were.


One final note though on this episode, I am hoping that Kaito wasn’t a one scene wonder and that he is coming back. If for no other reason than he was really rocking that outfit.


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17 thoughts on “Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Episode 8: Who Doesn’t Love Books?

  1. Incidentally this episode firmly places Clear Card into an alternate continuity to the Sealed Card movie (which started with Eriol’s house being demolished to build an amusement park).

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