Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Episode 5: Flower Viewing and Capturing a Card



I had forgotten that Sakura didn’t know about her brother giving Yukito his power and that only really occurred to me when Sakura was probing Toya about how much Yukito was or wasn’t eating. I wonder if she’ll find out this season. I also wonder why everyone in this show insists on keeping secrets. Sakura hides her magic from her family (even though her brother clearly knows), Toya and Yukito keep a lot of things to themselves, Syaoran is endlessly hiding things. About the only person who doesn’t keep a secret is Kuro and that is because he’s incapable of keeping anything to himself for longer than about a minute.


Anyway, I probably got caught up on that point because the rest of the episode is simple friends eating under cherry blossoms and then a card drags Sakura a way, she captures it without too much fuss, and the friends shift the party to under the tree she found where Syaoran finally catches up with them and then Tomoyo sings a song.


It isn’t exactly thrilling but neither is it bad and the flower viewing scenes are at least really pretty. Besides, I was distracted in the first few minutes by trying to remember the details of who knows what from the original Cardcaptor Sakura so I didn’t manage to get bored during this. I would like a bit more to happen plot-wise next week though.

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Karandi James


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