Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Episode 19: Down Time With Story Time


After things really heated up last week, this week brings us a more relaxed episode of our favourite card-capturing heroine as she goes to read to children. You could almost forget about the magic in this episode except for one discussion right at the end.

Cardcaptor19c.JPGWhile this episode brings some cute moments between Sakura and her friends and Sakura and Syaoran, let’s call it what it is; this is a lull. The quiet space before things get really climatic. The down time for the characters. And honestly it isn’t thrilling unless you were desperate to hear a story about a fox buying mittens.


I’d almost say this was an entirely skippable episode except for one minor use of a card right at the end of the episode where Sakura inadvertently reveals something about her magic to Kero. She doesn’t notice a thing but it sends him flying to Yue and it seems like a fair set-up for the end of the season. However, twenty minutes for that reveal is probably a little much.


The other highlight of course is Syaoran’s phone conversation where his sister’s are listening in. We don’t get much of Syaoran interacting with his family so it was a nice interlude. Not to mention, Syaoran and Sakura early in this episode are at their adorable best as she emotionally manipulates him into assisting with the reading. Still, not a lot going on this episode.

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