Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Episode 17: The Convenience of the Sleep Card


While Sakura always had a few favourite cards that she relied upon, this second part of Clear Card seems to be fairly heavy handed with the sleep card. How many times can classmates doze off before they start asking questions even in anime land?


While the sleep card is probably a better option than pretending to have a sick stomach every time Sakura needs to get out of class, I have to wonder why people aren’t starting to wonder what is up given they are losing time and roll cakes in the interim. Still, Sakura isn’t the first school aged hero who has faced the challenge of not getting busted by her friends and the narrative needing to make said friends really dumb to keep them from finding out the heroine’s secret.


By the way, if you think I’m using a lot of screen-caps of Kaito, you would be right. Given most of the other characters are returning characters and other than Sakura and Syaoran I’m not all that interested in them, Kaito is kind of the one new character to Clear Card who I am finding pretty fascinating even as it seems his plot line is going to be pretty predictable. We’ll see given we’re starting to close in on the end of this season as to whether they do something interesting with him or not.

Still, another fun episode of friendship, cooking and card-capturing.

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