Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Episode 14: He’s So Cool


There was probably other stuff going in this anime this week, but I was pretty much focused on Syaoran as they finally gave him an episode to shine in. What did you think?


Alright, so this week we continue with Meilin’s visit and Sakura continues to see animal ears occasionally pop out of her head. That then spreads to the rest of her friends before they get transported to a really random world where they continue to transform into animals. It all kind of freaks Sakura out. Fortunately for her for once Syaoran is around.


He’s only had a few decent scenes in this come back series and is regularly sidelined or absent from events, but this week he was really cool and it kind of reminded me of being that girl way back when who thought he was amazing (Tsubasa Chronicles, had to love him). Anyway, fangirling aside, this episode made me actually feel a sense of danger and the magical part of this anime was just shining. For a series that has mostly left me happy enough, this episode was a fairly thrilling one.

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