Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Episode 13: A Visit From A Friend


A different kind of episode with no card being captured and yet somehow this was still sort of entertaining. What did you think?


Meilin’s return was kind of fun, though I kind of think the mature and settled Meilin wasn’t as interesting as the more feisty version we used to know. The same could be said of a lot of the characters in Clear Card. Toya as well seems to have lost some of his bite even if he goes through the motions of baiting Sakura.

Still, Meilin’s presence gives Sakura someone to talk to about her current relationship with Syaoran. While it has been pleasant enough, there’s been the underlying issue of Syaoran hiding things from her all season and it was nice to see this being addressed finally even if we’ve yet to make progress.


The episode also took time to give us another hint as to what is going on with Akiho and to look at Toya and Yukito’s relationship. All of this was pleasant enough but not terribly exciting (again a comment that could work for most of the season).

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