Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Episode 10: A Slightly More Relaxed Episode


This anime continues to run hot and cold for with episode 10 of Cardcaptor feeling like a real step back after the fantastic capture sequence we had in episode 9. This episode features Sakura alone at home when Akiho comes over and the two play house for awhile before not one, but two cards show up, Akiho is put to sleep (or snooze) and Sakura needs to work with Kuro to capture them.


And while that could all be exciting, and the capture itself isn’t bad even if it isn’t quite up to the excitement of last week, the cookies, the sitting around complimenting each other and their friends, and the general inane chatter for nearly two thirds of the episode left me slightly less than engaged. While it is definitely cute and those who like the slice of life moments will get a real kick out of it, I didn’t really wake up to the episode until after Akiho fell asleep.


As much as I am enjoying the nostalgia that comes with this anime, the basic plot this week didn’t do much for me and in honesty I felt like I was marking time for a lot of the episode. It is still gorgeous and does what it needs to do and some people will be caught up in every moment of the two girls interacting, but it just didn’t do much for me.

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15 thoughts on “Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Episode 10: A Slightly More Relaxed Episode

  1. Clear Card use the same formula then the first season the only difference is that in the 1st we knew what was going on. In the Sakura Card arc it was almost obvious Eriol was behind all this, we just didn’t knew why.
    In the present arc, while we can have our doubt about who is the mysterious figure Sakura see in dream, we are not sure the point of it. I do have some theories in mind tho.

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