Can You Catch More Demon Lords With Honey?

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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 16 Review

So literally every character we’d previously met turns up and joins the village. Not kidding. First the dwarf king drops off Vesta and tells Rimuru to take him on because even though he can’t use Vesta anymore Vesta’s talent shouldn’t go to waste. And of course Rimuru and everyone are just cool with the guy who nearly got them sentenced to hard labour joining the village. It’s fine.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 16 Gabiru

In the same scene Gabiru and his cronies just happen to be standing about and admit they came to ask if Rimuru would have them and again, sure no problem. At least in Gabiru’s case it makes sense. He’s an idiot but he did try to protect his own people in the war with the orcs even if his actions were misguided.

At the same time Gabiru’s sister is there because her father sent her to get some experience. Why not?

Rimuru gives all the unnamed Lizards names and somehow over-writes Gabiru’s name and they all evolve and get wings but the girls also become far more human like. This is an ongoing theme in this story that evolution seems to bring monsters closer to human appearance. Is this some sort of message that human form is superior or ideal because I’m not buying it. More importantly, it takes what could be quite unique about this show with its diverse monster cast and other than a few different colours and appendages ends up making all the main characters pretty much generic human. Seems like shooting what could be a distinguishing trait of your story in the foot to me.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 16
Distinct character design to generic anime girl with wings. Not sure this is helping.

But that’s all early on. We then transition to a bunch of demon lords talking about the recent fight against the orc lord and a pink haired girl who doesn’t understand the function of pants decides to go and pay the village a visit. Rimuru greets her and the two are chatting when suddenly Ranga drags Rimuru away and the ogre squad attack her. Seems like that came out of nowhere but whatever.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 16

They can’t beat her, turns out she’s even stronger than our unbeatable slime and so Rimuru instead feeds her honey and bribes her with more to get her to surrender. Turns out she’s a demon lord and pretty bored so she ends up declaring Rimuru and herself besties and decides to stay.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 16
Sure, you and everyone else.

This whole episode was just kind of a case of ‘and then this happened’. Basically they needed all these characters in this village for some reason and rather than taking the time to establish it decently they all just show up. I guess that’s one way to transition but it makes for a pretty ordinary viewing experience in and of itself. It will be worth it if they do something now that they’ve got all these characters but if not this was a fine waste of twenty minutes.

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15 thoughts on “Can You Catch More Demon Lords With Honey?

  1. I like very much Milim is very funny especially because he is the second character to consider Rimuru as a true friend, unlike the others who consider him his master, maybe because he is strong and sees him as his equal

  2. …it just struck me. There are plenty of shows that start out fairly lighthearted and then go into fairly dark, serious, gripping things. Some people have criticized that, there’s even a term for it, which I can’t remember at the moment. But this show seems to be sticking exactly with how it was when it began. A bit of bloodshed here and there, but mostly staying in one, single gear. Interesting to consider, though I’d say this counts as an argument against such.

    1. It would strike me as fairly odd if this suddenly got dark. Even when the show has gotten sentimental it hasn’t been dark and it has always bounced the mood back fairly quickly. Then again, I’d probably be even more into it if it took a more serious turn because while I’m having fun there’s nothing really compelling me to keep watching because I’m quite convinced all these characters will be just fine.

      1. it’s like a show slice of life or a CGCT like Endro! although with fantastic elements and about building a city, I do not see much problem with that, In fact there is a whole subgenre in the isekais who completely take the slice of life route such as “watashi nouryoku wa heikinchi from tte itta yo ne ?!”, “slime taoshite 300-nen” and “Tensei kyuuketsukisan wa ohirune ga shitai “even tensura has 2 spin-off that is only SoL

    1. I know, lizard girl was a more interesting character design before hand and now she’s just kind of generic anime girl with a few lizard features. It really doesn’t seem like the best approach.

  3. dwargo entered an official treaty with tempest, while milim is only rimuru’s friend. milim has in no capacity claimed tempest under her protection and nor was that rimuru’s intention. but that’s just how the other demon lords will see it. another difference between milim and dwargo is which sides they stand in the world. dwargo is more about the human side of tempests relations while milim is with the demon lords and monsters. demon lords (with some exceptions) don’t directly rule their territories so even if another demon lord claims a spot, the human side of things is completely different.

    even if milim officially recognized tempest as a nation it wouldn’t mean much because milim doesn’t have much influence on human kingdom decision making. you also have to remember the fact that dwarvan boarders the great jura forest making rimuru and his crew a potential threat. well one of the things that was left out of dwargo’s negotiations last episode was he felt tempest could become the new trade center of the world which is why he entered a treaty with them so soon. if rimuru controls the entire forest then he can provide safer travel between the forest and other kingdoms.

    long story short what milim and dwargo accomplish are two completely different things that wouldn’t result in the same outcome should milim have been the one to force tempest to come up with a name.

  4. I believe the idea is the humanization of monsters. Though the bit with the lizards turning practically human is a bit much. Then again, Gabiru looking at how Rigurd and Gabiru are both beefed up compared to how they were before, I suppose there are remarkably few limits on how a name can transform them.

  5. For honey, I’d both wear pants AND try to look more human. Or whatever. So, where’s that honey?

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