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Godou Kusanagi is supposed to be returning a tablet to someone in Italy when there is an attack by a god and somehow he ends up with the ability to fight gods though mostly he seems to run into cute girls with supernatural powers.


This is going to be quick. I didn’t much like this series.


The plot never made sense. Using the power of a god to somehow fight gods and all these factions and groups want the power but rather than try to take it they send various girls to ‘observe’ or interfere and either way the motivations of anyone in this anime are highly questionable at the best of times.


The characters are as generic as they come. You have your self-insert protagonist surrounded by an increasingly large group of super powered females. None of the girls have any discernible personality besides annoyed or ditzy. And the paper thin premise that somehow you can teach mythology via kisses just makes you wonder ‘what the’ on so many levels. Even then, you would probably forgive all of that except that they proceed to butcher mythology to the point where you wonder if they just put a mythological encyclopedia through a blender and then dropped the remains on the floor and called it a back story. While mish-mashes of mythology are not new to anime, this one takes it to a new level of ‘huh?’.


The fight sequences are mildly entertaining except that ultimately each battle will end with self insert protagonist getting just the right clue at just the right moment, making a pretentious speech where he relays a whole bunch of mumbo-jumbo about the various gods and their stories, and then he’ll swing his sword around and voila, problem solved.


If you don’t mind harems, have no qualms about made up mythology, and you don’t really question why anyone is acting the way they are, this actually moves along nicely and is entertaining enough. However, it doesn’t do much else and I’m certainly not going to give it another watch. There are definitely worse anime out there, and this one isn’t overly bad, it just fails to really do anything of note.

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  1. Yeah, this sounds like a dozen other anime I’ve had the displeasure of sitting through. You took a bullet for the team here.

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