Calling For Contributors for 100 Word Anime’s 2nd Anniversary Week


Update: Due to a possible work schedule conflict, I’m changing the date of the celebration. The anniversary will be celebrated slightly early from Tuesday 24th of April through to the Sunday the 29th of April. This is before the actual date (the 1st of May), however there is a very real chance I will be unable to access the blog during the actual anniversary week at this stage. This also means the cut-off date for submissions has been moved forward from April 22 to April 18.

Well, we are closing in on the 2nd Anniversary Week for 100 Word Anime – okay it is the first week of May so we have some time, but people need a lot of warning about these things. We’re all very busy and it isn’t as though we can just drop everything at the drop of a hat.

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Last year I celebrated my first blog anniversary and I asked for volunteers from my followers to get involved. I was kind of surprised people responded and then some of their responses to what they liked about my blog were pretty blush inducing but I was really happy and grateful that so many people I really admired wanted to be involved. So before calling for volunteers for 2018, I’d like to thank the volunteers from 2017 once again for being such amazing people and helping me to celebrate a major milestone for my blog.


This year I would very much like to feature some of my amazing followers once again, and so I am calling for contributions. Last year in addition to the follower features, I also had 6 days of What I Learned over the course of my first year blogging where I reflected on what was working and what wasn’t and what I needed to work on.

So for this year’s contribution, I’d like those who want to be involved to write 100 words in response to any of those 6 topics. I feel there is a wealth of knowledge out there by some bloggers who have been blogging far longer than me, or even new bloggers who just have a different view of things, and I’d really like to share that knowledge with the community.

The anniversary week will run from Tuesday May 1 through to Sunday May 6 Tuesday April 24 through to Sunday April 29 and will feature some reflective posts about the year that was my second year blogging, features of followers, some more lessons I’ve learned now that I’m in my second year, and will hopefully just celebrate how much fun this whole blogging thing is and how wonderful the community is.

If you are wanting to be involved, write up your response and send it to me via my contact on the blog including a link to your blog and one or two posts that you would like highlighted. Also, one or two images of your blog and avatar if you would like them included in the post (otherwise I will probably just screen-cap your home page to go with the post. Depending on the number of responses I may not be able to feature everyone but I will certainly try to include you if you respond and all respondents will be linked to in a thank-you post.

Deadline: I’m going to cut off responses at April 22nd April 18 as this will give me time to format and organise posts and to inform participants of the schedule and when their feature post is going to come out.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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42 thoughts on “Calling For Contributors for 100 Word Anime’s 2nd Anniversary Week

    1. If you would like to contribute just type up your response and send it to me via the contact.
      Also, if you want to have a post or two of yours linked to with the response make sure you send the link.
      I will respond to your email so then if you wish to email me any images (such as your avatar or logo for your blog to include) you can send those through, though if you don’t want to I can just screen cap your blog page to go with it.
      And then, that’s all, though if you could let people know closer to the anniversary that it is happening and encourage them to check out some of the posts, I’d really appreciate it.

  1. I’ve got everything written and stuff but how do I send you pictures with the contact form? It’s not an email or anything it’s like a comment box where you can’t copy and paste. I have a joke in there but it needs a picture to work.

  2. Wow, I am really out of the loop when it comes to the aniblogging community recently. I would also love to help out and write something because finding time is something I have been struggling with a lot recently.

    1. Go for passion then. As I said, I think new comers can offer a different perspective, or tell us about what they have tried or want to try. Sharing all these different ideas can really help others out who might be scared to try something.

  3. Because I’m currently in the process of scheduling 5-6 months of content in the course of two weeks I’d like to do #2 scheduling because it would just be strange to do anything else. 100 words shouldn’t be too difficult and I feel I could help some people out! I’ve got to set a reminder for myself though or I’ll forget!

    1. That sounds really great – and I’m curious as well as to how you will handle that. I can handle about three months in advance and then I start struggling to figure out when and where things need to go.

      1. Yeah I can see that, luckily for me I’m only scheduling the same kind of post. Bad scheduling has led to me inconveniently releasing 4 posts on the same day before, so I guess I’ve learned a few lessons!

        1. Yes, occasionally I stuff up the time (because I do post multiple times a day) and sometimes my 10pm post will come out with the 2pm post because I oopsed when setting the time in the first place.

          1. Yeah I hate that, it sort of looks bad if you release two posts as once because WP nearly always squishes them together as well. You can also switch the pm to am and that can be annoying as well!

          2. I’ve definitely done the am/pm switch. I preferred it when it worked in 24 hour time because that prevented that issue. Though that was many updates of the scheduler ago. I also preferred it when it was in whatever timezone it was in, because it made it easier to figure out when a good time to put a post out would be rather than trying to guess what the time difference is from my local time.

          3. Yeah true I find that difficult. WP used to tell you which time was your most popular time for views and for me (in the uk) that was 2 am and 7 pm so I just schedule everything at those two times since it’s proven to be the best times I guess. That’s how I stopped worrying about it. I guess you could figure out a better time but my logic is that people who want to read it will read it eventually so I keep to those peak times and don’t worry about it!

    1. That would be fantastic. I’d really love for you to be involved. Just send me your write up once you’ve had some time to think about it.

  4. I’d be willing to make a contribution but not for free 😎👿 if you followed me I’ll write a transcendental piece of writing that will move readers to tears

    1. I love celebrating but an anniversary month might be pushing it a little. And an anniversary year celebration is just redundant… though could be fun. Maybe if I reach a decade of blogging (I’m mostly kidding).

  5. Is 100 words the absolute limit/minimum? I think I might want to join in with the festivities this time, so I just want to make sure here.

    1. Like my own posts, I’m not going to be a stickler for the 100 words. It just keeps it simple for people who don’t have a lot of time.

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