Caligula First Impressions


Really wondering if the title is actually referring to the Roman Emperor or if it is something actually relevant to the anime here? Anyway, what were your first impressions?


While I will admit I was kind of interested while watching this, I’m also going to point out that unless you read the synopsis before starting it, there’s nothing in this first episode that is actually going to make sense. Rather than giving us any kind of real insight into what is going on, we follow protagonist guy as his ordinary school life starts going a bit weird and broken up by occasional bits of static and a voice that may or may not be asking him for help. Had they kept the mystery limited to that in this first episode, I would have been intrigued and drawn in to wanting to know more.


Unfortunately, this anime isn’t content with setting up a mystery and wants to also shock and and show off how edgy it is with a totally pointless fight sequence mid-way along and then a ridiculous transformation and massacre at the end. Not really sure what the appeal is here though the early part of the episode was kind of interesting.

I’m going to give this one more episode to kind of make sense or at least show what kind of anime it is going to be before  I decide.

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Karandi James


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16 thoughts on “Caligula First Impressions

  1. This wasn’t on my list because the synopsis didn’t really interest me, but I do enjoy action anime. Hopefully the second episode will offer more information that will make you wanna keep watching. 🙂

  2. So…that’s a no on the Roman Caligula reference? That sucks. That would have made for one interesting anime.

    1. So far its a no, but to be honest I have no idea where it intends to go so maybe there’s a link. Or maybe they just thought it sounded cool. Guess we’ll find out.

      1. Yes, to be honest this is one that is towards the top of my watch list. I really loved the set up and as long as the villains are good and there is a reason for all this that makes sense I will be on board.

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