Caligula Episodes 5 + 6: Six Episodes For An Origin Story


I’m totally confused as to whether there is any thought put into this at all as stuff seems to just happen. At this point there’s no real rhyme or reason to any of the events or fights and basically the story seems like it has been written by random lottery. Could it improve though?


About the only reason I’m reviewing this one again is because Spiritpact finished and Tokyo Ghoul: Re has left me in a ranting frame of mind so Caligula it is. And yet, after six episodes, I’m pretty much convinced this story is trying impossibly hard to be clever and cool and the end result is neither. With a group of Musicians fighting to keep the status quo in the fake world of Mobius and a group of rogues who have now decided the best way to meet is to start a school club (seriously, why?) other than the fact that everyone had a hard time in reality which is why the fake world was created little else has been established.


So essentially six episodes for all of the kids to get their magical transformation, and then none of them really matter because Ritsu managed to do it all by himself without Aria’s help and then blew away the person who created the world knocking her out. Basically they could just solve the problem by pointing Ritsu at it but I’m kind of certain they are going to stretch this out and in the process make it make even less sense.


What really gets me is that so many of the sequences leading up to these episodes in the library and the morning tea, have now been made completely pointless. They didn’t contribute anything to our awareness of how this world worked or to the motives of the characters and they weren’t even particularly well done. Not to mention, they really are playing this whole music conceit to the hilt with the soundtracks continually assailing your ears while watching.


Basically, this is a mess. It isn’t an uninteresting mess and there’s potential for them to pull the story together not that they’ve gotten over their whole awakening thing, but still, when it takes six episodes to essentially do an introduction you have to wonder whether or not they can get it together.

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