Bungo Stray Dogs Episode 17



We have transitioned back to the present but this actually wasn’t such a bad thing. Given at the end of the last season they had already introduced the Guild they didn’t waste any time with introductions and just kind of plunged us straight into a three way war. It’s amazing how much more tolerable characters can be when they aren’t just being goofy for the sake of it and actually have a real and pressing danger to deal with. It wasn’t all smooth sailing though as the most obvious criticism is that there are so many characters that it is difficult to care about them, and the ones we’ve already met have pretty much established themselves to be death proof already. Still, a fairly enjoyable episode and a smooth enough transition from Dazai’s past exploits. Last point, I have to agree with Kunikida in asking why is Atsushi back to acting like the damsel in distress when we saw last season that somehow he magically became an awesome fighter in one episode.

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3 thoughts on “Bungo Stray Dogs Episode 17

  1. It’s like we’re seeing these characters for the first time without all the goofiness, and so far there’s a pretty decent balance. Dazai is better for not always going on about suicide, that got tired so fast.

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