Bungo Stray Dogs Episode 11

I’m cheating with my word count so first some thoughts on the series:

I’d say it was an interesting choice to all but ignore Dazai after last week, but no, not interesting. And it is far too late in the series to try to humanize or make us sympathise for anyone in the Port Mafia.

Basically Bungo continues to be plagued by too many issues with focus and pacing and it still hasn’t really figured itself out. And while it might be fun to still be guessing what something is going to be back in episodes 1 – 4, but episode 11 when you still can’t classify something and you still can’t even conclusively say whether you enjoy it from week to week, there’s a fundamental flaw in the delivery of the narrative.


We get an intro this week about Kyouka being dressed up by the agency and the boss hiring her. Then we follow the Port Mafia girl from way back as she deals with the fallout from last week. Finally, we see tiger boy paired up with farmer boy and solve a random and totally unrelated case.

There is no consistency even within this episode and despite the mafia link to the previous episode there is really nothing else to connect the random mess of this episode to anything else. Which is kind of unfortunate because the last few weeks had seemed to finally find a pace and tone.

I was enjoying this series even with its flaws but this episode may have been the breaking point. Curiosity and occasional pleasure turned to irritation. Next week is going to have to do something brilliant to get me back on board.

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6 thoughts on “Bungo Stray Dogs Episode 11

  1. I like this show for a number of reasons. The most appealing would be the main conflict between the characters, like Dazai and Kunikida, Dazai and his former apprentice, and Agency and Port Mafia. I see a lot of potential in this show, despite it’s flaws and inconsistency at times. I really hope this show can pull off a bomb in its second season, with the plot finally kicking up a notch. (y)

    1. There is definitely potential but it can only string the audience along for so long before they realise it isn’t going to live up to the potential. That said, I am looking forward to a second season just to see if they can deliver on this show. Thanks for your comment.

    1. I hope you enjoy it. I got a lot of laughs out of it and have enjoyed parts of it but have generally found it to be inconsistent in delivery.

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