Brave 10 Episode 9



After a lot of nonsense and drinking parties in the previous episodes we finally have the group return and at last all 10 are in the same place… yet they don’t even get to meet together before one of them turns out to be a traitor. Personally, I blame Isanami for raising that flag and waving it around.


Whichever way, we do get some exposition this episode about why they needed 10 of them and what they all represent and Isanami overhears that she’s the source of darkness and understandably freaks out. Great note to end the episode on.


Essentially, in the final third this series has decided to take itself seriously for a moment (as evidenced by the first actual wounds of consequence on two of the group). I wonder if that means we’re in for a big finish or if we’re going to get back to drinking again after this.

Brave 10 is available on Crunchyroll.

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