Brave 10 Episode 8



This episode is cleanly divided into the escape from the capital and then the drinking party on the boat where they finally recruit the 10th warrior (look at that, it only took 8 episodes and they’ve got 10 of them).


Anyway, with the roads blocked they kind of get themselves backed into a corner. Still kind of wondering why they needed a road when they could clearly just go across country but maybe it was for the horses. The only good thing about this sequence, other than lots of small explosions, was that Saizo has finally actually made the decision to stay with the group. Given he hadn’t exactly been trying to leave for awhile I kind of didn’t realise we still needed to go through this flashback montage of indecision but hey, at least it is clear now that he’s decided to stay and isn’t just hanging around.

Then we get on a boat and drink the night away, because why not.


Actually, they were rescued by the boat through whatever ridiculous luck is keeping Sanada alive and bringing him to the warriors he’s trying to recruit and they end up taking the captain with them when they leave.

Now that we’ve got 10 warriors what next? No one ever bothered to explain that part.

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