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Part of my dislike for ninja stories are the crazy things they end up doing despite the fact that technically there isn’t any magic in the show. In the episode we get a sword vs fan fight and somehow the only injury is a single cut to the fan. Seriously? And who believed for a moment that anyone was going to listen to the weapons ban?


Prior to that though, we meet another Rokuro (who soon gets a new name because apparently having 2 Rokuro’s is confusing) who first sends them down a mountain path and then pretty much tries to kill them before demanding to join the team. I guess that’s one way to find work.


While I’m enjoying individual episodes of this, I’m still not actually sure what the main group are trying to achieve (if anything) and as a result most of the encounters just seem fairly petty and silly. Then again, other than get the magic hairpin thing I’m not really sure what any of the antagonists want either so I guess that balances out. Either way, this show is still fun to watch but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to rewatch this as there just doesn’t seem to be anything overly compelling about it.

Brave 10 is available on Crunchyroll.

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2 thoughts on “Brave 10 Episode 7

  1. I remember enjoying the show while I watched it, even though I felt it was totally ridiculous, but I honestly cannot remember anything about this. 😮 I get vague recollections by reading your reviews on it, haha. Must mean there’s not a lot worth remembering here.

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