Brave 10 Episode 6



Anime really do like to cover the basics and a hot springs trip, even when it seems completely irrelevant to the story, is one of the most basic. Complete with guys peeping on girls and over the top reactions to the peeping, although we also get a character whose gender is questionable and ends up going to bathe in the river rather than joining the men in the bath.

Outside of playing in the hot springs and with the usual tropes associated with that, Isanami apparently has a not-related-by-blood brother who has been looking for her and now they are reunited.


Okay, he’s weird and we meet him during a particularly silly fight sequence that more or less ends with Saizo standing on his head.


Despite the clich├ęs they came up this episode and the general silliness of it, this felt more fun than the previous episode and we’ve now met most of the characters by the looks so hopefully the plot can actually get moving.

Brave 10 is available on Crunchyroll.

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