Brave 10 Episode 5



So, at the end of the previous episode Isanami was kidnapped and we start this episode with it looking like she’s in some kind of peril and things might actually be getting serious. If by serious I mean it looks like the ongoing sexual harassment of characters will continue only thinly hidden behind a historical context.


But then we get a pep talk and a rescue sequence that just seems far too easy and anti-climatic. It was almost like they just had no other way to introduce a new character other than to have him kidnap the girl only to lose her so be forced to follow.


What does follow after the rescue is the return of everyone to Ueda where Saizo gets some sense knocked into him and somehow everything is fine. There’s clearly more going on with the writing in the hole from the previous episode, but like most major plot points, they aren’t going to share just yet.

This is probably my least favourite episode so far given it really kind of felt like a lot of the interaction and events were forced simply for the sake of setting up later events.

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