Brave 10 Episode 4



We start this episode with random new character who is clearly after whatever the widget is at the shrine (and based on previous anime I was guessing he was going to turn out to be Masamune and that’s confirmed by the end of the episode).


We don’t spend a lot of time with him because you know, he’s kind of stuck in transit, and meanwhile we have a Priestess to mourn over the loss of the shrine, a slider puzzle to solve, another confrontation with a previous villain, and then the return of the wind guy who for some reason has now changed sides.


In the previous episodes there have certainly been a number of innuendoes (and some just outright obvious sexual references) but this episode took it up a notch with the snake lady straddling the prude followed by the wind guy’s obvious fascination with Saizo (pretty much any character that refers to another as a toy isn’t exactly being subtle). While I’m not finding it intrusive, I’m thinking there’s a few people that might not be thrilled with some of the dialogue.

Brave 10 is available on Crunchyroll.

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