Brave 10 Episode 3



Isanami (the Priestess) and Saizo (the ninja), accompanied by Kakei (another ninja) are now returning to where the Priestess ran away from because apparently the bad guys were searching for something there but probably didn’t find it. To me that would indicate it isn’t there, but hey, I don’t get ninja logic so let’s trek back across teh country to the burned down temple and see what trouble we can get into.


There’s still no real reason for the Priestess’ attachment to the ninja, but he’s starting to warm up to her even if he does not want to admit it.


Yeah, the Priestess is still pretty much just playing damsel in distress, when she is playing sheltered girl who doesn’t get outside world, or overly happy and sweet character who trusts everyone including inciting the incident in the episode today by insisting that Saizo help an injured ‘woman’.


Cool fight sequence and a couple of buckets of blood later the episode ends and the journey resumes. This show is kind of fun to watch but only if you don’t think too much about it.

Brave 10 is available on Crunchyroll.

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