Brave 10 Episode 12



This episode works well enough as a final episode in that we finally see Isanami’s power and Saizo finally does something more than flail a sword around (at least momentarily). We also get a lot of passionate speeches about comrades and friendship and freedom and stuff (by the way, all the previously nearly dead braves are suddenly fine and able to turn the tide nearly instantaneously so don’t worry about casualties).


Despite that, I can’t help but feel like this was a rushed conclusion. We don’t really know what the whole political intrigue angle is doing (other than what I already knew about the warring states from reading and other anime) and no real sense of what the finally chosen final villain was actually hoping to achieve. Given he got brushed off like a bug this episode, it seems like it was hardly relevant so why was he even there?

I’ll do a full series review but pretty much this one is popcorn viewing and then move on.

Brave 10 is available on Crunchyroll.

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