Brave 10 Episode 11



We spend a lot of this episode caught in some sort of dream world where I guess they just had to confuse us further about whether the wind guy was actually a guy (I’m guessing he’s a girl given he’s dreaming about being a Princess, but it isn’t like they confirm or it matters in the long run).


My bigger issue is I don’t care about this particular character so when we’re this close to the end spending half an episode trapped in a vision with them wasn’t exactly thrilling. The end however more than made up for that even if they are drawing out some of these duels excessively (not Dragon Ball or Bleach excessive but then again there are only 12 episodes of this).


I don’t really know what is coming next but I’m pretty sure a full solar eclipse caused by the removal of a hair clip is not a good sign.

Brave 10 is available on Crunchyroll.

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