BOFURI Episode 6 Review

Bofuri6 Episode

The More The Merrier in Bofuri

Bofuri continues to be light and easy to watch requiring very little thought process but remains pleasant. Episode 6 however is possibly falling more into the forgettable realm as unlike the previous two episodes which focused on Maple and Sally taking on bosses and collecting medals, this episode focuses very much on bringing all the characters we’ve encountered together into a new guild made by Maple.


That doesn’t mean there aren’t some fun moments along the way. It is all good fun. I really liked watching Kaede (Maple) in the real world trying to adjust to not being in the game anymore. I’ll confess that after marathon sessions playing a game I have trouble sometimes not seeing glowing outlines around shapes or indicators above people because my brain is just running in game mode. So watching her trying to use a game skill while playing real world dodge-ball was pretty entertaining.


After that though, the rest of the episode has Sally and Maple house-shopping and then they decide they need some extra people because the house is too big. They do eventually tell us there’s a guild event coming up and so recruiting more people is actually a little more urgent if they are going to compete, but mostly this is just Maple rounding up all the people she’s gotten friendly with since starting the game.


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We also get back to the twins that we kind of encountered earlier and naturally Maple invites them to join. It turns out that their players builds are also a little on the broken side so they’ve been struggling with finding anyone to play with so are more than a little happy that Maple extends a hand and are suitably confused by her flying turtle.


Now they’ve got some levelling to do and some preparation for the next event. And that’s really it. As usual the episode of Bofuri was pleasant, the encounters between characters were sweet, the few gaming moments when they took the new recruits to fight a boos were nicely animated, as there’s little to criticise about this show except perhaps that once the episode is done it leaves little impact except a sugary sweet taste in its wake.

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Karandi James

2 thoughts on “BOFURI Episode 6 Review

  1. Wait, are you still fixated on the flying turtles? Shall I ship you a few extra hundred of ours? They run rampant and tear up crops in the fields. . .Meanwhile, as for Maple gathering up the folks she’s met, what else could we possibly expect? That seems to sum up Maple’s whole approach to the game: making friends and trying to only fight monsters. And I’m cool with that. (Hell, given my own leanings towards slice-of-life, I might not even bother with fighting the monsters, preferring to just wander around and explore. . .)

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