BOFURI Episode 5 Review

Bofuri5 Episode

Adorable and Deadly – Go Bofuri

The second event is drawing to a close as Sally and Maple continue their enjoyment of the game. The brief encounter with a hostile player from the end of last episode comes to a close when Maple causes the group to fall through some sand and into a dungeon where they are forced to work together. Making new friends and avoiding giant, glowing snails, leads to them conquering yet another dungeon, claiming some medals and heading their separate ways.


I am a little curious about the sheer number of female characters we’ve seen playing this game. While the representation of the gaming community as a whole hasn’t been exactly realistic with everyone being way too relaxed about Maple’s broken stats, it is interesting how many female characters Maple and Sally seem to encounter. And they all seem to be fairly nice, level headed individuals who are happy to sit and play a game in the sand rather than engage in PvP.

It’s a little odd if you try and apply any realism to the situation and yet it is infinitely relaxing and adorable to watch. And clearly, the writers were not going for realism anyway.


Still, the girls are running short on time to get the full number of medals they need to gain a skill at the end of the tournament and so follow a puzzle they are given. It leads them to an underwater dungeon with a boss who is pretty scary and seemingly unreachable for Maple given she isn’t a swimmer.

Of course, Bofuri doesn’t let that tension last for more than maybe a minute before Maple decides on a simple but effective solution to destroying a boss in the sea. Even Sally was a bit stunned by that effort. It does kind of make it clear that we just aren’t meant to ever fear for the safety of these characters because they will definitely be fine.


However, the best moment in the episode goes to Sally. One day remaining and still two medals short, Sally decides it is time to take on some other players. This is something Maple has no interest in and so rather than push her friend, Sally tells Maple to chill for a bit and goes on her own hunting trip. This is Sally unleashed and she is both terrifying and too cute.

I wonder how Sally would have played the game from the beginning if she hadn’t invited Maple to play the game? She doesn’t strike me as a wonder around and making friends with random players type of person. You have to give her credit for supporting Maple’s first gaming experience and helping Maple to enjoy the game world even though the experience is so different to how Sally seems to want to play.


On that note, I’ll leave you with a final surreal image of a flying turtle. Great episode – looking forward to more.


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