BOFURI Episode 4 Review

Bofuri4 Episode

Just Like Maple Syrup

The second event has begun and Maple and Sally find themselves in a field of grass and floating rocks. Turns out this event will feel like a week in game and so they’ve got plenty of time. As the adorable duo begin their exploration and search for medals they encounter a number of bosses and other players with each part of the episode being nicely animated and the two main characters being just super cute.


It is just so much fun exploring with these two friends. They are always upbeat and curious and they dive into things just to try them out. Their combination of skills makes them very compatible and they the fight sequences continue to be utterly delightful to watch. Which is probably a good thing given this episode delivers two of them and the second was quite a protracted fight, at least by Bofuri standards. Compared to something in the shounen genre it was positively speedy.


It’s also in the second fight that we finally see Maple take some damage. Turns out the boss they end up against wasn’t supposed to be able to be defeated (which makes me feel bad for the party Maple and Sally let go before them because clearly they got wiped out – a serious case of good intentions going wrong). I love that after this fight we cut to what must be the game masters who are scrambling to make sure Maple can’t get another skill that will make her even more broken should she end up having enough medals at the end of the event.


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Meanwhile, the anime also takes this opportunity to introduce two mascot characters as the girls claim two eggs after defeating a boss and then hatch a turtle and a fox. They are every bit as cute as you would imagine and when you combine the two cute female characters with two cute animal mascots you are seriously heading for cuteness overload. Incidentally, Maple decided to name her turtle Syrup so that together they could be ‘Maple Syrup’. It’s terrible and yet perfect simultaneously.


I really just love watching this show. It is so relaxing and fun. There’s just nothing to complain about because it isn’t as though it feels like nothing is happening. The girls are in the midst of an event. They are clearly working toward collecting medals. With two boss fights in the episode there’s enough action to break up the sleepy calm of the inbetween bits. Bofuri just works.

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